When by entertaining I mean there’s mixed gas, smoke, and air maneuvers

I was up for some entertainment this weekend.

Because sometimes you just need to forget about your own things, get out and watch something that amazes you.   Checking out what the kids these days are up to is also not a bad idea.

I’ll tell you, there are few things more entertaining that watching someone flying through the air with a motorcycle!  And all the emo kids will sure follow where there is grudge music and skateboards.

So I went to see this:

It’s an annual event called Urbania by Snickers.  There was skateboarding, breakdancing, graffiti and motocross.  I went to see the motocross, but ended up getting an overdose of youth and sun in the package.

Not that I’m complaining, it was so worth it to see this:

Dudes did all the classic tricks and threw in a couple of their own.  It was awesome.  That’s what I told one of them when I went to find him to have a picture with him.  It was super and also kinda awkward;  he didn’t wanted to touch me cause he was all sweaty, like REALLY sweaty, I didn’t care, but upon sensing him being uncomfortable I just offered myhand, he sort of begrudgingly gave it to me.  Poor thing had no idea I would’ve happily hugged him.

So yeah, that’s what I call entertainment.


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