Old San Juan – Paris

Old San Juan – Paris

Originally uploaded by narami

This video was taken on the same night as the previous one. We circled Old San Juan in the car after my feet gave up on walking, I was wearing the highest platforms I own, not the best choice for a walk in the capital, and when I saw I was going to go down here I stopped for the camera because this is one of my favorite roads in Old San Juan. And I know that it seems like I’ve said that too many times but no, there’s only about three roads that I absolutely love and this is one of them. It reminds me of Paris, not that I’ve ever been in Paris but it seems like the kind of road you would see in Paris. It’s steep down and ends in a sudden left that makes you check for the emergency brake because it’s so high up, there’s a majestic view of the sea and the port, and when you make the turn you are right behind Fortaleza, the home of the Governor.

You can hear some hyperventilating from my friend beside me, who doubted my driving skills for some weird reason, and I’m also laughing as silently as I can which is not silently enough for the camera. It’s dark and far away from clear but you can see the ancient walls and the lights … and I just like it enough to share it.

Hope you like it a little too 🙂


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