And Sunday’s are for laughing

I went to a little show Sunday, a comedy play in a little lovely theater café, with JulieAnne, her husband, and Lito.

And yes, it was mother’s day, and yes, we shared it with our moms. We did this later, when it no longer counted towards mother’s points.

The play was super.  JJ-JulieAnne’s husband, and Lito proved it with their tears of laughter.  I only laughed my special laugh that I usually don’t take out of my home because it was too much funny to handle, but I didn’t cry.  It had been YEARS since I had seen any comedic-type of live show.  Not that I’m particularly fond of them, but this specific kind, public interactive, is really good when it’s well done and I respect that kind of work a lot.

And I got to drink wine.  Have I mentioned how much I enjoy wine now?  Is this age-related?  Because I NEVER cared for wine, and now when I go out, to this place for example, I get all exited because I get to drink wine!  Yummy delicious wine that I don’t even know the name of!  And I’m not kidding, I just ask for a glass of red wine and they always manage to get me one that tastes like heaven.

You know, JulieAnne and me, we walked to the bathroom together once.  It was awesome; she only rested her hand on my shoulder to walk behind me.  People still looked at us all weird; it’s the first time I go out with her to a place where I could see people’s faces looking at her and it was quite an experience.  To see someone like her, that doesn’t like that kind of pitiful response from strangers, manage it with much grace, I was very proud.

You almost can’t tell that she can’t walk entirely normal yet, she just wobbles a little.  I think it’s the most awesome wobble ever, but she doesn’t think it’s that amusing.

Still, I got to go out with her and laugh until it hurt and there was no wheelchair or walker around us, and that’s good enough for me.*

[*By the way every time I say or think that phrase I can’t help but begin singing Good Enough For Me of Cindy Lauper from The Goonies soundtrack.  No, I don’t know why I had to share that. ]


2 thoughts on “And Sunday’s are for laughing

  1. geekhiker says:

    I think there must be something about wine that’s age-related. I couldn’t STAND the stuff when I was younger and now, while not exactly a fan, I don’t mind a glass here or there. Only problem is: it goes straight to my head.

    That’s so cool that your friend is doing so well, and has managed not to hit the people who give her the sympathetic looks! 🙂


    • narami says:

      I guess it’s agreed then, one can begin to appreciate wine after … 28. Or around there. Hee! Some wines don’t suit me at all and after a glass I’m done for the night, but some I can drink all night long and function well. Sad thing is, I don’t know which is which until I sip them. I have really ignored all the types/names info, I don’t even know why, I just have.

      Thank you, she really is doing awesome, and it’s not easy to adapt in that kind of situation but she has done a good job and I love it that we can all go out and share.


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