360° View: Luis Muñoz Rivera Park

Last week was full of days that made it a pity to go work inside a building with no windows. The days were beautifully clear, it was warm but not horribly so, the ocean was calmer than last month and every day I would whine that we should be in the beach, soaking under the sun with a portable radio and beer; not freezing inside a secluded lab missing the sunset.

The weekend was for pay back.

Saturday I spend the day at the Luis Muñoz Rivera park, touching the trees and charging with sunlight. The park has a couple of historic structures but mostly it has trees. All sorts of huge, old, majestic trees. That kind of nature makes me feel so calm; time passes but life remains, history remains, roots remain and everything is going to be okay.
I think the park liked me too because I was wearing a skirt (!) with a poppy print and I found a perfect one for my ear, it was the best accessory ever.

I played around, enjoyed the day’s breeze in my face and then I headed to the concrete world to watch a movie at Fine Arts. It’s one of those fancy movie theaters that lets you eat and drink wine inside. I had never been there, but any place that lets me sit to watch a movie with a glass of wine by my side is an awesome place that I like even before visiting it. I watched Música en Espera, an Argentine comedy about two people that fall in love in a weird situation. It sounds a lot like a romantic comedy, but it wasn’t because a) it didn’t said those words anywhere in the promo and b) I HATE romantic comedies and I actually laughed during this movie so there.

I woke up Monday morning to see that it was pouring rain outside. It didn’t bother me at all.


2 thoughts on “360° View: Luis Muñoz Rivera Park

  1. geekhiker says:

    I know that feeling you describe at the beginning all too well. The last couple of days have been gorgeous, and I’ve been stuck in my windowless office. Of course, the high will be over after today and it’s supposed to be cooler and cloudy by Saturday and raining in Sunday. *sigh*

    I’m actually surprised you don’t like romantic comedies. I’ve always thought you were such the romantic!


    • narami says:

      a) that is the worst! I was very thankful when the weather cooperated last weekend, I needed time under the sun! 🙂

      b) I AM a super romantic mess, when I’m with someone but I HATE pink/sappy/stupid/frugal/superficial romanticism, as in valentine’s (where everyone buys gifts because ‘that’s what you do’) and romantic comedies (where love is NEVER portrayed as IT IS). I have my exceptions movie wise, I have for example The Wedding Planner’s DVD, but the exceptions are rare and I deny them any opportunity I get. (The exceptions have happened because sometimes watching stupid characters do expected/cliché things is a great way to forget about stress. I’m not justifying myself, I’m just saying…)


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