Their mouth say no, but their eyes say yes

Last week was an emotionally-heavy week.  There was a little weirdness that I wasn’t prepare to deal with and for some reason I felt like a sponge, absorbing every single wave of emotion around me (good and bad) and then I just whirled it inside without processing for DAYS.  It was exhausting.

And then Saturday, the ever merciful God, made it all up for me with a one of kind night.

Ivette (from this post) bought tickets for yesterday’s function of M. Butterfly.   She had three tickets, one for her, one for me and another one for a friend of ours, also from the Rum Diary extras, the doctor who was very into the acting business.  Saturday morning though, that other friend visited her to let her know that he was paying for the ticket but someone else was going to go.  Cool.

I got there after the baddest traffic I’ve ever seen on the way to the theater, JUST IN TIME for the third call. Ivette was leaving my ticket with the front usher and I found her right before she went to sit.  We went in and sat, tried to catch our breath and relax and a minute later comes this guy and says “Hello! Are you the Dr.’s friends?” and we said yes and he sat beside me.

The lady on his other side gave him this look, with eyes wide open (and now I’m singing that Creed song in my head, great) and a soft smile and he very sweetly gave her his hand and said “hello, how are you doing?”


I wanted to know his name because sharing the evening was going to get awkward otherwise, so I introduced Ivette and asked him what was his name.  “Ektor” he goes.  The guy? He was this guy.

Just to clarify, Objetivo Fama is our American Idol, and since it’s transmitted by Univision it’s pretty big in Latin America. He was in our High School Musical (presented by Disney) and well… my mom, she loves him.

So, I watched the play beside a famous singer/actor/artist.  I screamed about this afterwards. Inside a car, where no one could hear me. He was super nice and we had a pleasant conversation in the intermission.

Speaking about the intermission, as soon as we joined the crowd outside the theater I saw two guys that work in my building. One of them is the kind of guy that never acknowledges the presence of another human being unless they prove they are worth it. I’ve never felt compelled to, so we mutually ignore each other. But I thought since we were outside of work and he was with a slightly more normal guy, maybe there was going to be some kind of exception, so I smiled a little, only to discover the slightly more normal guy had been corrupted and they had no exceptions.

Well, except that some minutes later they saw me talking with Ektor and their faces:  priceless.

The play was AMAZING. I have no words, I just couldn’t breathe well while I watched. SPECTACULAR.

And when it was over we waited for the actors, of course, to get pictures with them.  So I got to tell Braulio Castillo hijo (he was René in the play) to his face that he is a genius! And he said “oh no, no, never, no” and I said “YES YOU ARE A GENIUS!” And he said thank you. And then I saw Gil Rene (he was Madame Butterfly, and WHAT A MADAME BUTTERFLY) who I love because he’s the best Pinnochio I’ve ever seen EVER. I held my chest and said “I’m going to PASS OUT. But not right now, right now we are taking a picture!”

And then we were all flustered with excitement (and by we I mean only Ivette and me because Ektor had to go as soon as the play was over) so we entered the theater’s bar/restaurant, which is a very nice place with a stage and there is always a show of some kind and music.  Sunday night they had tango.  And how much do I love tango?  SOVERYMUCHREALLY!  We drank the coldest light beer I’ve ever had in my life while we watched the dancers performing.

The show was over soon,  the night ended and I decided that THAT’S a great way to make up for a hard week.

3 thoughts on “Their mouth say no, but their eyes say yes

  1. geekhiker says:

    I wonder how bad traffic in PR compares to bad traffic in LA. Hmmmmmm…

    Sounds like a pretty awesome night. I haven’t been to a play in years. It’s one of those things my friends and I can never seem to schedule for (those that have interest at least) and, well, you know, I don’t have a significant other to go with.

    So, did you give Ektor your number? 😀


    • narami says:

      I’ve heard LA traffic is hell. We have horrible traffic and two things that I don’t know how to compare with LA; Puerto Ricans are not only fast and generally angry behind the wheel, we are HEATED like lava hotness. We don’t want to show you the finger, we want to KILL YOU DEAD for that crazy cut. And our roads are AWFUL. There’s craters everywhere, cars get stuck all the time in all sorts of places. I remember a ride I had with two german guys, they were appalled that the roads in the highways were so horrible, asked me where the money from the government went! “Certainly not to road maintenance!” he said.

      I’m pretty sure I can get his number any time I want from our friend; his or his GIRLFRIEND’S, whom he tried to find an extra ticket for that night but couldn’t. 😀 C’mon Hiker, not EVERY guy I come in contact with is a possible date. Thinking like that could drive one BUNKERS.


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