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Sunday at 4:10am I came home from Spain.

Well, not the real Spain, but a very good recreation of Spain. I spent the night in a Spaniard restaurant in Old San Juan, a gem of a place that I have no idea why I hadn’t heard of before.

We went to drink the house’s sangría and eat tapas, we got a show and dance classes, we sang and clapped all night long and when the night merged with the morning, we were already talking as if we had been born in Malaga.

La Rosa de Triana is the name of the bar & restaurant that features a show from El Salero, a group of lovely ladies that dance through the history of Spain’s music.  The place has four different areas; three are indoors and include a bar, one is outdoors and includes the stage. That’s where I sat.
It is a beautiful little hole in between San Juan’s historic buildings, plants cover the ancient walls, the stage has a hand painted backdrop full of color and life; when you enter you see the walls are lined with ceramic that has messages encrypted, “Full belly, happy heart” “The ten commandments of wine”.  I was fascinated.

Upon arriving one of the funniest things of the night happened.  It turned out that I look “JUST LIKE” the owner’s niece, and so I heard a chorus of gasps from the family as I walked by, to which I responded with a big smile and an exited “hi!” (hand wave included).  Those that saw me called the whole family and they all came out to my table to see the striking resemblance. I wish someone had shown me a picture of the girl, I thought it was super amusing and when the owner came to apologize for the fuzz I waved it off and almost told him I was honored that I look like someone from his family.
From that moment on we called the owner and his brother, tío (uncle).

We ordered a big jar of sangría and tapas and we didn’t had to wait a lot for the show.  I keep saying we:  I went with one of the girls I met on the Rum Diary set, Ivette (the one that had the accident and began walking the year before). She invited two friends, both males. I didn’t wanted to feel like it was a double date so I invited Lito, my partner from that nightmare of a job I had for a while in customer service. We had gone out on an expedition last week to try and see a cave window in the mountains but it rain bullets and we ended up soaked and muddy to our knees, I don’t know why  I didn’t wrote about it.

Anyway, back to the show, video says it all. Well, not all but the main idea.
During the break the choreographer gives a brief lesson on sevillanas for the girls that want to dance later on.   I didn’t took those lessons, but I’m going to jump ahead and say that by the time we said our goodbyes Ivette and I were offered a package of free flamenco lessons. That’s how we roll.

So the restaurant, the people and the food were divine. The meeting with Ivette’s friends was not bad at all, but I can not express with words how glad I was that Lito made it there and was sitting right beside me so I could step on his shoe every time I felt I needed to be rescued.  Apparently both guys invited by Ivette liked meeting me and it was awfully odd because one of them tried to bored me to death and the other one finished the night with Ivette on his lap.  These details did not prevent both of the guys to invite me to a second date. Because that is the kind of  date life that comes my way. The date for the dates has not been discussed and I would live happily if it remains so.

I honestly have nothing against the new people I met, but what for them was a night to duplicate, for me was a very clear fleeting moment never to be replicated, I knew from the moment they sat on the table that they would pass. If that makes sense.

But in all, it was a magical night, full of the music of a strong guitar, the voices of gypsies and the breeze of the night, and I spent it in Madrid.

3 thoughts on “Olé!

  1. geekhiker says:

    Sounds like a pretty good night. You write up this sort of thing so much better than I do (i.e. the meals in Vancouver), that I’m kinda jealous of that.

    It would have been cool, by the way, if they DID mistake you for family and gave you free food! 🙂

    Poor guys, they missed out on a date with a wonderful girl. I kinda feel sorry for them, but at least you didn’t waste your time!


    • narami says:

      It was a great night. And I can not believe that you would be jealous of anything I write when you write like you write, you silly person! Jeez.

      Dude, it has to be horrible that I was waiting after the last round of people went to my table to see me that they would offer like, a free drink or something. 😐

      Thank you Hiker, and well, it could’ve been worst; I could have ended up with a date with any of them two!


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