Bright days are beach days!

360° View: Mar Chiquita

Originally uploaded by Narami

It was a very bright weekend over here so, it was a beach weekend.

I decided to join the crowds (and defy traffic!) on freaking Valentine’s to see a bit of ocean and well, I was pleasantly satisfied to say the least. I chose a very small and curious beach, so curious it is featured in La Tierra Vista desde el Cielo (Earth from Above) the exposition, it’s called Mar Chiquita because the rock formation literally made a little beach from the ocean.

I remember the first time I saw it, I was about ten and my uncle and aunt took me and their daughter.  I asked why the beach was called Mar Chiquita (Little Beach) and she said that it was a little beach, so little that my cousin and I would probably have to take turns to bathe in it because she doubted we could both be in at the same time. My eyes almost fell out of their socket.  That still cracks me up.

I went, in jeans and tennis shoes and everyone was looking at me like I escaped a mental facility.  I wanted to hike up the rocks, I was dressed accordingly.

So I walked around took a couple of pictures here and there and then went up for the rock parts.  After hiking through some nasty edgy rocks and puddles I got what I wanted; an awesome ocean view.

While I was up there I saw a guy a level below, where the holes in the rock were pretty deep, perching his camera on a rock edge and using the timer to take his picture.  I offered to safe him the hassle of trying not to break his neck for a picture by taking it for him. He only said thank you once after I handed the camera back to him.  Moments later he came up to the top and offered to return the favor by taking my picture.  He was very serious and I was a little weirded out because it was the first time I saw someone  kinda doing what I was doing, though I doubt he was alone.

So I enjoyed the breeze for a while, and the view, and it was cool.  Who cares about roses, dinners and chocolates for valentines anyway.


5 thoughts on “Bright days are beach days!

    • narami says:

      Oh well, I’m bold but I’m not THAT bold. (I think.) He didn’t gave me the vibe anyway, the one you get from single people who are generally willing to at least have a nice conversation with anyone? Or something like that, I don’t know how to explain it but, that vibe wasn’t there. I’m pretty sure he was with someone, just hiked the rock alone (BORING GIRLFRIEND!).

      Oh and he ignored my Canonet. You understand that someone who ignores that beauty could never have a photography conversation ;o)


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