Test roll: Golden Half

I developed my first roll of film since I began this new adventure yesterday.  It came from my pretty Golden Half, which I loved before but now, after seeing the pictures, I’m like I LOVE YOU FOREVER. MUAK.

They came out exactly how I imagined them.  I had prepared myself to be let down because it had been so long since I had shot a 35mm, I thought I would mess up a lot of frames.  When I went through them the first time I was BEAMING.

Two favorites, although there are about six favorites in this roll and I like all of them:

Calles Viejo San Juan

Side by side: Up in the funicular

Some things I learned about using the Golden Half:

  • It shoots the right frame first.
  • The line that divides the halves varies width.
  • Every now and then (in this roll it was about 12 frames apart) it skipped half a frame.  I don’t think I had anything to do with it, but will be aware of every little sound in the next roll to see if it has to do with something specific.
  • How the developing machine cuts the negatives has to do with how some frames get printed or not. I have to further analyze this, but I had a case of the same exposure coming out twice to “fill in” a frame at the beginning of a cut.  Stupid machine.
  • While it can handle low light, it has to be well controlled. I was careless more than a couple of times and had under exposure cases, but I was successful shooting a couple of times indoors.
  • Shoot the third shot.  I was shooting most of the time with pairs in my head because I wanted to control the sets, rarely I went for that third shot in a series and it turned out that summing up my mistakes and the times the camera skipped half frames, some of my third shots completed a set that came out awesome ONLY because it was there.  The “left over” shot became the set shot.  So, although it WAS good to shoot in pairs whenever I saw something that just HAD to be a set (it gave unity to the pictures), it’s never bad to shoot impair numbers.
  • Sometimes the right half frame is wider than the left.

Other than that the Golden Half is about the funnest camera you can shoot, it fits anywhere, it’s strangely ergonomic and fits the hand perfectly not to mention the rubber that covers it feels almost too good for such an object.  I love the lens in it and shooting it has given me a horrible urge to buy the Super Fat Lens (a Vivitar clone from SuperHeadz) that I have contemplated with longing for about three months now.

Regarding shooting film in general I discovered that I’m going to have some cases of over exposure in all my test rolls because I had forgotten that 35mm cameras can’t handle having the sun entering the lens directly. Oopsi daisy!  I had a couple of bloopers that I’m hoping to leave behind with practice.

Overall, so far, shooting film gives me the happies.


4 thoughts on “Test roll: Golden Half

  1. geekhiker says:

    So, you’re shooting negative in this right? If so, a little over exposure can be good. The final print will have to be printed down, usually crushing the blacks and making them look good.

    So, how many cameras do you carry around now, crazy woman? 😉 (And, no, I didn’t vote that way!)


    • narami says:

      Oh but I meant I used a complete wrong f stop, like five stops away from the right one xo|, so I’m talking white pictures here not just like lots of light (although, yes that happened and will happen too in this test rolls). Tee hee!

      Last time I went out with three, but that’s because all the cameras I bought had test rolls in them. I think. I see myself carrying two for most outings after I’m familiar with what can each of them do, I think I’ll know which will be The One to take certain places, but maybe that’s crazy thinking and I might end up carrying a back pack with five different toys.


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