Pretty day to go to the capital

It was a beautiful day today so I headed out to Old San Juan to walk around and feel the air.  I ended up overdoing it by about 23487720 miles, because I walked for two and half hours WITHOUT STOPPING (and I didn’t collapsed!  Apparently I still have some sort of physical condition go me!) but it was really lovely.

One of the best scenes I saw was:  in front of El Morro, people sitting on the stairs of a plaza playing board games, kids playing PSP’s, teens enjoying puppy love, vendors selling helado, hundreds of kites flying happily against the blue sky.  A couple of people walking with their pets.

Also I hadn’t visited our Capitol since I was in middle school and today I walked in.  I wanted to lie on the floor and watch the roof.

It was a lovely walk.


2 thoughts on “Pretty day to go to the capital

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