Come along if you wish

Looking up
Originally uploaded by Narami

I would drive looking out the sunroof window if I could. There are spots in the roads here where trees intertwine that mesmerize me so.

The other day I had my camera with me and thought that maybe I could take you guys along for a bit of the ride. I shot the view out my sunroof window for a little bit of one of my favorite roads, hop in the passenger seat if you want:


3 thoughts on “Come along if you wish

    • narami says:

      I would love to work on something related… that’s the kind of agency where you have to be very well connected with the right people to get in, if you want to do something productive, but I would, if I knew I had a chance to be involved in projects of benefit for the island, do it in a heart beat 😀


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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