Museum Visit

I decided last Sunday as I entered the first gallery of an art museum for the first time in my life that there is no better way to begin the Christmas season.

I visited the Puerto Rican Museum of Art in Santurce.  I wanted to go for ages but some other plan always came up and others were never as exited to visit an art museum so I kept leaving it for later.
What a mistake.

I LOVED that place.  I entered the first gallery and knew that I could spend the day there. I don’t even know why, I am not an art freak, in fact, I know little about art.  I just like paintings and sculptures and the way galleries are made to communicate a message or to make you feel something specifically.

My favorite ones were the oldest ones with art from the 18 century, oddly the ones I liked the least were in the contemporary floor.  I never knew I was so picky about contemporary art until I was presented with plasma screens and moving art and digital prints?  Boring.

I almost died in a gallery made to look like a barber’s shop somewhere like the Bronx.  It had a bleeding life-size Christ in the entrance, a tattoo like painting in the wall with the rose and bullets saying “forgive me mother” in  Spanish, red velvet chairs all around with black open hands painted on them.  The three red velvet haircut chairs had naked men with open legs painted on them and at the top were the head of someone would be little televisions playing videos of faces of men talking.  The walls were full of rims of cars and very old pictures of boxers and I think sports men.
Well, in short, upon entering I immediately felt like running out, with a hand in my chest I walked timidly around muttering “ohmyGodohmyGod” (in English) and when I felt I had observed everything (and there was a lot to observe) I sort of ran out.

I was also scared by one particular presentation in the moving art because it was a dark room in the middle  of the gallery and after you walked into the black corridor and turned the corner there was a huge projection of…nothing.  But I expected something horrible to appear in the screen at any second and so I also spent very little time in there waiting for a heart attack.

The gardens were amazing.  There was a huge pond with the cutest koi who would follow people everywhere, and three little fairy tale like gazebos, and bamboos… I wanted to lay in the middle of the grass and sleep a little.

I spent two hours just looking at stuff and reading in delightful amusement. It was awesome.

I went to JulieAnne’s house afterwards and, guess who came WALKING to hug me?  SHE DID!  She’s walking without any help or equipment. She says she walks like a penguin and well… that’s actually pretty accurate, but I’ll take that over any fucking wheelchair ANY DAY.

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