Parque Luis Muñoz Marín, Funicular ride

Went out to another park today.

But whoa, was today different than the first try! It was so insanely different I wanted to give up on it. Seriously, I don’t know how tourist do it here. I speak the native language and recognize the general way in which we function and I was sent the wrong way three times today. At one point I found myself almost crossing a wood bridge created for biking and walking… with my SUV. That would’ve been interesting.

Luis Muñoz Marín park is a passive park where you walk and see trees. And grass. Oh, and you can bike. And walk, around the trees. I wanted to sit down and just rest in the shadow of a tree or something, but there was a birthday, or several birthdays, with a million kids biking and running around the sitting areas and as much as I love kids because they are awesome; the clown, the music and the games were too much for me.

I went in the funicular (I went to the park only for the funicular, actually), a very simple booth system that goes up to 55 feet over two parks; the Muñoz Marín park and the Punto Verde park that I visited before. The ride it’s about six minutes long and if you think about it, you are dangling 55 feet over the ground on a booth system that obviously rarely gets the right maintenance; it could be six minutes too long. But it’s fun in a very simple way. My favorite thing was going through the tree tops because I don’t remember ever seeing tree tops (from above too) so close.

Something was interesting today. Before I went on the ride I walked around, not really comfortably because as I mentioned before, it took me a lot of time to figure out the way to the ride. Then I made the line surrounded by many families (including one that I thought was the coolest ever; the dad had many facial piercings and a crazy haircut, the mom was bohemian and they had a boy and a girl. The boy, who was about seven, upon reaching the platform went IN ENGLISH: “MOM, this is not safe. This is NOT a safe thing to do, I’m saying mom, I’m saying.” xoD So cute.) all of whom looked at me like I was crazy. It was either because I was alone or because I was wearing a long skirt with cowgirl boots and my hair was crazy. Or both.

So I’m in the line trying to ignore the fact that I’m alone there and I’m about to do this alone, when my turn comes. I go into the booth, smile to the dude who secures the booth and sends it off and he says: “it’s bad to go alone.” To which my baffled self goes “WHY?!” and he goes “Because it’s bad. With someone else one can enjoy the ride better.”

OH REALLY SIR? I didn’t knew that. But thanks for enlighting me! And then I realize a minute after that, it’s the second time I go out on my own and it’s the second time a total stranger makes me uncomfortable about it! Two of two! What am I, the only girl trying to have a nice time out during daylight?!  Because apparently people don’t see a lot of this, it’s like a new thing.

And seriously, I need to find an answer to this, a right one that makes me feel ready for a next time.

You can see some pictures over at my Flickr, and I posted a very short video I shot with the blackberry.

I was carrying my new film cameras, both of them, so if anything good comes out of that I’ll share them later. Have I mentioned that I love seeing pictures later? I likes it much.

BTW: I never received the pictures from the dude that was going to send them, but I did sent him the ones of his son.  I’m not surprised at all.


2 thoughts on “Parque Luis Muñoz Marín, Funicular ride

  1. geekhiker says:

    Your answer to that? You should have just slapped him up the side of the face. Sometimes people need a good slapping.

    I suppose you could always just carry all your cameras with you, then everyone would think you were a professional photographer on assignment…


    • narami says:

      Well, it keeps taking me by surprise! I honestly have no idea WHAT to do when it happens! IT’S CONFUSING!! xoP

      DUDE. That is EXACTLY what most employees thought. Except I think they though I was a photography student from college. Now that I think about it, and even then THEY GOT ME LOST THREE TIMES! Crazy people.


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