This is how music goes around over there

So the first shift of my area is full of old people.  By old people I mean people over forty.  And they are all absolutely crazy and whimsical and I love them for it.

Every time I have to work the first shift (like overtime Saturday’s for example) they share their latest news and jokes and I try to go to each desk and have a little conversation with each of them mostly  because they all make me laugh so much.  One of them, Naldy,  is a hard core music fan and has basically my same approach to music which is,  I like good music, period.  I have the best time when he’s in the lab because he makes these “concerts” with youtube videos where he shows me bands and songs that were/are important for him from his youth.  The best moments come when I know the songs too and he’s all “you know that song?!!” and I’m all “dude, I win”;  but we have a blast when he loads videos from the 70’s or the 60’s from bands that I have never heard of in my life and the videos were made for people who smoked a lot of weed and we are equally confused and amused by them.

The youtube concerts have been a sensation because everyone has something to share and we all gather around a computer and scream at the person in the keyboard to search for the things we want and we sound like a family sitting to watch TV where everyone wants to watch a different channel.

I wanted to share the sharing  and so these are some of the songs we’ve shared, videos included.  There’s going to be a lot of videos here so if you don’t like posts with videos this is not the post for you.  Though I highly recommend that you give them a try.  There’s PORN INCLUDED!  What?  It’s an incentive.

This is, I think, my favorite discovery.  The day I heard this I sang that line “like the rivers of babyloN” (I did a big n) ALL DAY to the point that I was annoyed at myself and yet, I couldn’t stop.  In fact I dare anyone with rhythm inside to stop.  Go on, TRY to stop.

We all watched this and I must say for the first part of the video no one was actually looking at the screen, we were all looking at each other trying to see if someone else understood anything about this video other than LOTS OF WEED.  Then when the “let the sunshine in” came we finally reacted and it was like “and that is what drugs can do!”  I remarked on the connection between what was happening in the video and the lyrics, those people were very happy that the sun was shining in, “the sun, it shines!” I would say and Edwinsito laughed so much.

I mentioned that I liked David Bowie and two seconds later this video was playing, I think you all can understand why.

So one morning Naldy tells me he’s going to show me something different and he puts this on.  And I tell him not to show me naked people because hello?! And his response was “what?  This?  They showed this on Spain’s TV at family hours.”  Spain.  And then he’s all “she’s covered!”  and I’m all “Janet Jackson did that and the pasties were NOT ACCEPTED Naldy.”   Porn that holds up to contemporary times, that’s good porn.

One of the old people asked for this my jaw fell to the floor when I heard it for two reasons;  one, he’s a match teacher and his favorite hobby is hunting and two, I remembered this song from my childhood.

Annie Lennox! I said and Naldy responded with:

And then that day later one another coworker, a hardcore rocker, put this on and I was all “dichotomy!!!!”

[I sadly don’t remember what this was :(]

That same rocker coworker introduced me to this and I had questions afterwards “can that man talk now?  Is he dead?  Is that the guitar behind him?  Was that real?  Lets watch it again. No, the other part, the one where we have to look out for his tonsils flying out of his mouth (about 3:55).  Did he had a normal tongue?  Can I have that CD please?”

I actually heard this one night after work, I danced and screamed and I got home in about half the time that I normally do and next day I just wanted to share the happy with everyone.  If the boss had asked something that day the response would have been “cabello pop, punk, rock es un touch!”

This song led to whole conversation on how song writers today should listed to this and be ashamed that they can not come even close to inspiring half the things this song can and how love songs are crap now and THIS WAS PASSION and how “with  the strength of the seas” is how I want someone to love me damn it!

Naldy played this, but before the video began he made sure every single guy in the room was looking and then he screamed at all of them for them to “look AT HER LEGS!  NOW! LOOK AT THEM! Did you see them?! But did you SEE THEM?!!”  On the background I quietly said I knew the name of the singer and he was all “yeah, she sings, you’ve seen her, but did you see THE LEGS?!”

One morning Naldy put this on and I looked around to see what was the face of the person with such beautiful voice and then I saw the name on top of the video “Paul Anka” and I got up with both my hands in front of me to touch the screen and began asking in a whisper “is it really Paul Anka?! is it really him?! it’s Paul Anka!!”  and Naldy came to make sure I was ok because for a moment I looked like I lost it.

I will blame my hormones,but when I heard this and it was over I looked up almost teary eyed to exclaim “that was awesomely beautiful!”

[Lost it too.]

Picture me dancing around with my arms all over the place, just crazy dancing. CRAZY.

[And this one.]

Hope you enjoyed it.


One thought on “This is how music goes around over there

  1. narami says:

    Reblogged this on de monte y mar and commented:

    This Dancing Monday is a reblog from a few years back because I was listening to a few songs from this playlist and I want to take you back to the lab I used to work in and show you the fun we had. There’s a story of how we met each song and the wonderful people that I shared this with.
    I how you enjoy it!

    Have a great, and dancing Monday!


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