And from now on Chips Ahoy cookies will always be blessed

We are not allowed to eat in the building I work in.  There’s “no food allowed beyond this point”  signs in every door.

But of course, who can work for eight hours without a snack? Not the employees of this building, so we (and by we I pretend to state that Diz and I) always have food in our purses.  In our office area we might share cookies every now and then, chocolate, some fruits have been seen; nothing big, but food none the less.

Our manager is particularly picky about this.  When she comes in all food gets hidden immediately and innocent faces surface everywhere.

Today for example, I was a little hungry and since I had to wait three hours for lunch time, I opened a 100 calorie pack of chips ahoy.  Those things make awesome snacks, they taste better than the originals (at least for my mouth), they are a sensible choice and they are conveniently wrapped.  So I begin eating my cookies with particular passion because hungry makes me love food when the manager comes in and bye bye cookies.  I put them in my purse and begin craving them more than before I began eating them.

I waited and waited for her to go, I walked around as much as I could, I went out and in the office about a hundred times, but it didn’t happen; soon it was time for me to go to the lab and long for the cookies elsewhere.

Lunch time came and I took the cookies out from my purse and put them in my lunch bag.  I had pack three Milano cookies as desert (I never eat that many cookies, honest) but I thought since I was so hungry I would eat them all.  What?  I was HUNGRY.

After I ate and chose the Milano cookies as desert and then I put the chip ahoy in a Ziploc bag for later.

Going out of the cafeteria I pass the infirmary and every now and then I weight myself there (it’s the only place where I can do that).  Today I was not going to, at that time the nurse is seldom there, but I thought I would look in case someone could open the door for me anyway.  I saw a nurse inside, someone I had never seen before and she opened the door to the scale room for me.  She went inside with me and while I took off my safety shoes (they add about 3 and half pounds) she leaned against the wall behind me.

Before I took off the first shoelace I heard her sobbing.  I looked back and asked “are you ok?” and with a hand covering her face she begins to explain that she feels bad, like her sugar is low and she wants to go eat something.  Apparently she was waiting for her break to go eat something but it had been to long and now she wasn’t feeling well, did I mentioned that she looked (and I’m not sure about this because what do I know?) like she was about four months pregnant?

So of course, I opened my lunch bag and gave her the chips ahoy cookies, that were opened and from which I had eaten two cookies but that’s what I had.  That and a Milano cookie that I immediately offered her since, as I told her, it was yummy.  She grabbed the chips ahoy and began eating and as I held the bag with the Milano cookie and told her to take it she cried HARDER.   And then suddenly she sobered up and told me not to freak out (too late!) that she just felt bad but it was ok and basically she tried to look sane (which was very hard since she was crying while she was eating cookies) and I understood that it must have been the nostalgia that she was eating opened cookies from a stranger.  So I told her to seat down for a while or better yet, close the infirmary and go eat something, screw lunch time! When you need to eat, you need to eat!

I made sure she was feeling better, asked her if she wanted me to call someone,  and then I told her I would go weight myself some day next week so she could close and go eat.

As I opened the door on the way out and the sun hurt my eyes I thought “well Papá, that’s why you didn’t wanted me to eat those cookies before huh”.

And then I remembered all the times when I’ve needed something and someone has suddenly appeared with exactly that and I’ve thanked God for sending me an angel.

This time I was thankful I could give someone cookies.


2 thoughts on “And from now on Chips Ahoy cookies will always be blessed

  1. geekhiker says:

    Geez, what do they do if they find you with food? I half-expected you to start talking about people going into the bathrooms and hiding in the stalls so they could get their cookie “fix”!

    You know, with a heart as good as yours is, you should be a counselor or something…


    • narami says:

      I think they give us a warning? Of some horrible sort… & food in the bathrooms? It’s been seen.

      Aww, thank you but I don’t consider myself particularly “good”… I just try for the right thing whenever it’s possible. 🙂


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