Physicology of acting, it was called

Wow, some crazy weeks.  CARAZY.

So, a couple of weeks after the last day I went filming one of the boys, the doctor (so from now on he’ll be Doctor) called me and texted me and basically harassed to take an acting class with someone he knew.  I think I mentioned that Doctor does basically what a publicist does so he is very into the media and has a lot of contacts on the acting/singing world.  He separated a place in this class for me and another friend of ours, the one that studied communications.

The class was in the Dwayne Academy of Acting. Dwayne as in Jonathan Dwayne.

The classes lasted two months and it’s been one crazy ride. I mean, it was everything from;  ‘I love this classes’ to ‘I HATE this classes!’ to ‘I don’t freaking understand this classes’  to ‘OMG let this classes be over please!!!’  to ‘I don’t want to ever finish this classes’.

We did everything, from learning the language of acting to slapping people in the face (in my case I had to spend the rest of the class apologizing because after  practicing the damn thing about 58 times, and this time I’m not exaggerating, when the camera began rolling I detached so well I hit the poor guy with a little bit too much passion) to recording radio announcements in a huge beautiful (BEAUTIFUL) studio (with the Puerto Rican sound engineer that worked for Michael Jackson in his HBO special).

The classes changed a lot, mostly because yesterday someone asked me if I’m an actress and I said, with the most convincing face I have; yes.

I had the experience of filming a scene with lines I wrote, into a character that I built, that made everyone in the audience laugh and a lot of people stop me afterwards to congratulate me.  I felt what it is like to be satisfied with what I was doing.  And it was nothing like successfully purifying by transfer colonies from a special strand of bacteria, but it had the same effect.  It was that kind of joy, the weird one I can’t describe, but you know what it is because when you think about joy you remember the tingly feeling.

Of course there was also some drama related to the fact that no where in the world you can put a lot of aspiring actors and actresses together and expect peace and love for too long… and oh, the competitiveness and the opinions and the multiple directors; but in all it was a great experience.  And I think I met a couple of future-famous people, just like the last time I took acting classes (back in ’07, wow) and back then I was right so, who knows.

While I was taking the classes I had to make arrangements with work, and of course those where the weeks when everything happened;  good casting calls, I (who never has anything special to do during weekends) suddenly had friendly dates to dinner and outings, and every single adult errand I had was due.   If I had to resume it I would say that I was just grumpy and sleepy for longer than it was fun to.

So there.


4 thoughts on “Physicology of acting, it was called

  1. geekhiker says:

    So, do you think it’s something you’re going to pursue? Ever thought of acting on the stage? Some of the best actors, it seems, are stage and/or Shakespearian-trained; but that’s just my opinion, of course. Of course, when I worked as an AC, I also thought most of the actors were just a little bit nuts. But that’s my opinion, too. 😉

    Wait, this isn’t all some secret, long-timeline plan to work alongside Johnny Depp, is it? 😀


    • narami says:

      Whoa, that’s a lot of questions… 🙂

      – I’m doing this on the side for now, and because I can… I’m not actively looking to make this anything big. I enjoy it a lot, it’s mesmerizing… and right now I feel like letting it flow.

      – I don’t like to do theater. I really enjoy acting when it’s in front of a camera, but not so in a stage. Not to mention that my voice naturally projects awesomely in a set, but not so in a theater, it takes me a lot of concentration and prep to make it carry off. BUT; I will never say never!

      – Actors have to be a little nuts to function. You are in a room with 25 of them and suddenly you have solid proof that yes, all of them are crazy. Then again, so are all my coworkers, it happens. 🙂

      – And OF COURSE IT IS, but it’s not even a secret. xoD


  2. phi says:


    Me ha subido el espiritu este post.

    Por cierto, estoy tratando de figure out un handle pa’ escribir aquí, necesito escribir como nunca, no quiero que sea phiyouknowtherest or andro.. pa’ que sea detached & for the life of me I am empty.


    • narami says:

      Oh, Curls… imaginate na’ mas… nada, I promise that in the case I ever get an opportunity to be on broadcasted TV I’ll say HI TO CURLS IN AUSSIE xD

      Y bueno, creo que no te preocupes porque vendra, si tienes deseos de escribir, ya veras que en algun momento te sale. Nada mas no lo pienses mucho, deja que fluya!


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