The Saga of Rambling Words, Part III – FD 1a

So then there came filming day.

Which began at 3am in the morning with me moaning about how acting made me sleepy and how I needed food and they better have food to give me and sleepy and food.

At 4:30am I was waiting for a bus (a local tourism bus! One that I had never ridden before because… I live here!) that would take us all extras to site.  I made two ‘friends’ waiting for the bus with who I kept making jokes all through the day.

By 5am I was eating breakfast from a buffet that included burritos, all sorts of scrambled eggs and tons of fruit.  I liked these people.

Then I went to hair.  When I undid my ponytail and the stylist saw my long locks she almost passed out right there.  I tried to calm her by telling her that a bun solves anything and she responded in laughter and then informed that all girls had haircuts the week before where they trimmed their hair to above their shoulders.  Boy, was I glad my hair survived!!  This stylist was super sweet with me and nice and I was extra glad because I kept waiting for someone to treat us like extras.

She styled my hair in a very simple but sort of classy bun, bigger than a normal bun, fluffier, it hid my long hair, looked very clean, but very… cute.

Then I went to makeup.  A guy received me with open arms, calling me sweetie and my love and then he looked at my face and started painting it as if it was the canvas in a frame.  He did this super fancy movements with his brushes (impressive brushes by the way) and when he finished he was my best friend.  Every little blemish and pimple, was gone.  It was like makeup surgery.

Then I went to clothing.  And this might be an entry on it’s own because you remember that girdle I had to use?   ME TOO.  It was there waiting to fight with me.  Somehow though, this time, might be because I was already waiting for it and I knew that I had to keep breathing through it, it didn’t hurt as much.  I put it on and I didn’t pass out or anything.

I was helped into my beautiful dress, with extra care not to ruin the hair and then I stepped out to lineup.  All girls and guys (separated) were lined in front of the hair styling person that rules all others and the clothing styling person that rules all others and the extra casting coordinator person that rules all others.  They looked at us, fixed and changed some hairs, and costumes and gave us accessories (girls got earrings, bracelets, purses, belts |  guys got mostly hats).  I received some pretty yellow flower earrings, w/screw pin and a cute little clutch purse that I very much wanted for me because it was original vintage.

There, we received instructions on how we were going to be called in set, and there was a brief briefing on set behavior and safety.

From there we walked to our hold up area, which was an entire café restaurant in Old San Juan where food, beverages and a pool were waiting for us.  We couldn’t use the pool, but it was there and we liked it.

This first length of walking taught us that our shoes were evil.  Suddenly my heels were horrible, people realized they had shoes that were not their sizes, things began happening to our feet.  It was a sign of what was to come.

We waited there, sitting, talking, eating chocolate cake and joking for HOURS.  I don’t know how many hours, nobody had watches, all our things had been left in wardrobe, but it was hours and hours and we got sleepy and restless.

I had to go to the ladies room of course, at some point, which was the point when I realized that women in the 50’s didn’t go to the bathroom.  They never needed to go neenee in the middle of the day, if they had to they wouldn’t have worn three pounds of girdles and fluffy underwear.  Three people knock on the bathroom door while I was inside.  When I stepped out there was a line of girls waiting to whom I said “I’m sorry, this girdles are not easy!”  and they all laughed and then they remembered that they ALL HAD ONE TOO.

After hours of waiting we were called on set.


2 thoughts on “The Saga of Rambling Words, Part III – FD 1a

  1. geekhiker says:

    Ah the excitement of the movies: waiting and waiting and waiting until the moment you’re needed, then you’re not moving fast enough! LOL – I’m okay with not working it now, but it sure does make for some interesting memories.


    • narami says:

      Ah, I was prepared for this so I used all the waiting time to talk with people, observe, and develop patience, it was way funner than I thought it would be 🙂 You have to share your past experiences!


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