There will probably be lots of tulips and five petal flowers

You know that my drawing skills can be resumed with this:  🙂  I can do that in paper.  I can write (meaning that I like my handwriting. Whoa, I never thought this day would come!) and with a calligraphy pen I love what comes out of my fingers.

But then I saw this.  It’s Kira’s blog where she shares about creative journaling.  And I had seen other projects based on that, basically it’s people using journaling as a creative outlet, using mixed materials and art forms.  Being the journal freak that I am I couldn’t resist it.

Something cool about journaling is that it’s a good, simple way to realize that everyday matters (I want that book :o).  That life is worth recording because every boring or exiting day we live has purpose.  Why not make it a creative outlet? A fun five minutes? Just a moment to reflect on something small (or big) that made our day, there is always something, we are just sometimes too whiny to notice.

A couple of weeks ago I received a pack of watercolor crayons by mail.  Then I bought watercolor pencils (they work VERY differently).  I took out my box of colored pencils and crayons and I started playing.  And I LOVE IT.  I’ve always liked to doodle little flowers around and simple figures and the little journals I made were precisely as small because I wanted to make it easier for me to find creative ways to journal each day.

To complete my new creative journal joy I found that using this banana paper makes it possible to use watercolors and ink (no bleeding!).  It resists both water and ink so wonderfully that you can, if you so wish, work on both sides of a page without messing the other side or the page weakening. I bet all their other organic papers work just as good, I’d love to try the coffee one.

I immediately made a little book with banana paper in which I also tried to make a little pocket for keepsakes.

Vellum paper pocket

Vellum paper pocket

Not exactly as clever as I wanted it to, but given that I couldn’t wait to finish it (not that I’m going to use it immediately mind you, I have an order that must be fulfilled.  Yes, I am that much of a crazy.  I’m surprised you didn’t knew) I just did that and called it a day.  Of course I ended up adding pockets to all previous little books I had made, in varied forms.  If you knew how important it can be for me to save a particular ticket or even an ice cream receipt from a nice outing you would understand how much I appreciate those little pockets.

Also a headband view of this one.  Purple marker!

Headband detail

Headband detail

So now I plan on letting my inner child play with colors when I’m writing in my journal.  I don’t have fancy expectations, I just want to try to color coordinate my words, my feelings for a day.  Maybe doodle a couple of flower fields.  Some butterflies.

I really like butterflies.


4 thoughts on “There will probably be lots of tulips and five petal flowers

  1. Kristy says:

    I thought about the paper-making stuff you like to do. Also, do you like scrapbooking? Well, I thought you’d be someone who enjoys “computer” scrapbooking… Hmmm…



    • narami says:

      The total conversion to digital pictures made me completely loose interest for scrapbooking. Which is sad. My mother has TONS of stuff for it, in fact I use a lot of it for my bookbinding.
      I tried a couple of programs for digital scrapbooking but it didn’t engaged me.



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