10 very tiresome ks

Sunday was an early morning, but the sun was already illuminating outside so, there was a higher possibility of my smiling than biting.

I loaded up my car (or my SUV. I’ve been corrected this week about 400 times for referring to Sandy as a car. I think I can call her whatever I want because I pay her)  with people and food and we drove forever to get to the Teodoro Moscoso bridge where the World’s Best 10k was held.

I love to watch races live and I had never been to a marathon so I thought it was pretty neat when weeks before someone offered us (aikido students) a gig as security staff in the event.   I would see the thing and get paid.  Cool.

It was pretty obvious when we arrived there that the part about seeing the thing and getting paid to do something specific was maybe not going to be that easy.  The company that hired us was not very organized and some people were going to be placed far away from the race.  We arrived before 9am and were going to finish when the last runner got to the finish line.   It was going to be a long day.

So some of us were placed under the sun all day, some people ate at decent hours, others ate after starving.  I was placed in one of the race’s lanes, like right where the runners were going to run through and there was a big truck that gave me shadow to rest from the sun, I ate twice and had plenty of water.

There was no place to sit on so, of course after a few hours I was sitting on the road and I avoid the sun like a vampire so at one point I was sitting UNDER the truck, and later on the people in charge forgot about us (we were working in pairs) and we ate late, but of all people in our group I had the best view of the race and I didn’t had to physically confront people often so for the most part, I was ok.

I only had to hear one guy using the repertoire of bad words he had when I told him he could go pass a certain area and since every other person was decently nice I have decided to ignore his existence and forget he even happened.

Watching the marathon was a great experience.

People of all ages pushing themselves like that, it made me stop complaining about my feet hurting (which they did,  A LOT, I mean after 10 hours mostly standing), in fact it made me want to never complain.  At one point I was sitting in the road (because I literally couldn’t stand anymore) just clapping and cheering at the runners.

Around 13,000 runners and walkers registered and among them we saw people dressed as Superman, El Chapulín Colorado, a sort of gansta in a white suit, a neon green freak, there was a guy running with his dog (I was worried about the dog), a guy in a unicycle, too many moms with their babies in sport carriages, families with little kids, groups of teens (a couple of whom decided to have a puppy love moment in front of me with the longest hug in the history of a race ever and for once I thought in aww terms intead of eww), a group of boys walked the 10k with a portable radio playing regaetton, old people… and they were all amazing in their own way.

I loved to see their faces, the determination, the will.

By the end of the day we were thoroughly exhausted but at least me, I was very glad I was there.

[I am now sporting a face tan.  Just the face. >__<]

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