Heaven is closer than it appears up there

So I was here yesterday;



The view

The view

(very angry with WordPress and/or Flickr right now, the media gadget didn’t wanted to link to my pictures grrrrr)

Honestly, I think I left a piece of my spirit under a lemon tree up there.  I was there just yesterday, and I feel such a deep longing to feel that grass under my feet it can make me cry if I think to much about it!   I felt a connection with nature so strong, jeez I’m tearing up RIGHT NOW.

Anyway, THE company’s get-together of New Year was there and I saw almost EVERY ex-coworker there.  My goal was to spend the day without having to answer questions that make me uncomfortable and although that had no completion (the famous “so, what are you doing now?” came up about 23823408975 times) I didn’t care a lot because I was feeling so cozy in  the mountain.  Not to be confused with cheerful, on the way to this wonderful place I had to drive through a road behind “the boy that gets mentioned without getting mentioned here often”‘s house.  I could almost see it, that combined with the fact that I had to drive for two solid hours (actually more because going out of my house I had to turn around twice, I kept forgetting something) and that also I had no idea where I was 97% of the time and you had a very cranky Narami when I finally got there.

Then through the day I had access to all kinds of good alcohol content which seem to resolve the driving nightmare incident… except that after a couple of drinks (it was sangria with 151 at the beginning. At least that’s what a friend kept saying “that has 151, drink it slowly.” And I kept telling him that he was lying because I didn’t felt a thing, other than a persistent warmth that was inexplicable given that it was breezy and perfectly lovely up in the mountain.) I started feeling that everyone was annoyingly happy around me. To fix that I figured more drinking was in order and well, at some point I looked like an alcoholic depressed spinster.  Ask me if I care.

I played in the hills full of lemon trees and ran and basically was a three year old for a couple of hours.  Do you have any idea how cute is a four feet lemon tree multiplied by thousands?  It’s the cutest thing EVER. And the smell will make you want to lay in the ground and just sniff into eternity.

Did I mentioned that this beautiful heavenly place happens to be my ex-trainer’s, one of my bestest friends, backyard?  The get-together was basically in his house, but not really, it was in the mountain that is in his backyard. You should be reading buckets full of (good) envy right now.   His lemon tree farm has been recognized by the agriculture division on his region, it is THAT beautiful and amazingly perfect.

When we were saying good bye (I was taken out of there against my will, moaning and crying actually happened, mostly because my lovely ex-trainer didn’t wanted us to go) the moon was coming out and I swear, I just wanted to sit there in front of it with the pitorro we were drinking and sing, with my friends close by, until dawn.

I hope he (my ex-trainer) is ready for hundreds of calls during next days of me just whining about how I just want to lay in that grass for a couple of hours and the tragedy of that grass being two and half hours away.

3 thoughts on “Heaven is closer than it appears up there

  1. geekhiker says:

    (Geeky note: I always put in the pictures on the HTML screen, then center them on the WYSIWYG screen. I never liked that silly border they put around things.)

    Great shots! And your description is lyrical. Makes me wish I were there right now…


  2. narami says:

    Oh. That was a lot of helpful geeky instruction xoD

    Thanks! Actually it’s funny because once I was up in the highest part I thought what awesome pictures YOU would have taken up there, it was dreamy. I didn’t do it justice at all, to any of it.


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