For keeps

I want him to have black hair.  Dark, let it be dark.
Dark eyes too, I like.
I wish him to be fun, have a great sense of humor and a positive attitude.
To have a strong character and firm ideas, without being stubborn because I’m stubborn enough for two.
He must be childish whenever there’s wonder and kind when someone’s in need.
I want to be in love with his hands and fascinated with his chest.
May he love animals and children and enjoy nature in it’s all.
I want to learn from him things that I still don’t know, from life and things and others.
He should be nice with others and able to consider my friends, and he should not be afraid of being silly in front of anyone.
Let him like my voice so that I can sing to him fun songs to make him smile and lullaby him softly with Bob Marley songs before we sleep.
I wish he loves the sea, at least let him swim well.
I won’t mind his cold feet and he won’t mind mine and so we will warm each other’s with our calf’s.
He will like it when I scratch his head.
I want him to always remember how much I like to be dipped in the middle of a dance and spun at the end.
He must know how to grill and change the oil filter of a car.
He will hold my hand in car rides and not care if I snuggle on his neck while he drives.

He will know that I’ll do anything for him and that’s how he’ll love me back.

Santa; I want a boy for keeps for Christmas.

“I deserve the best love life has to offer.”
– electric firefly


8 thoughts on “For keeps

  1. khazzy says:

    Oh and yeah, I started writing again. I really really needed to do that, now more than ever. Miss u girl!! Hope ur Christmas was better than mine and I know ur New Years will beat mine by a long shot. I’m stuck here with him until Jan. 5th. So I guess I’ll say Happy New years to myself this year. Hopefully I will have stopped crying by then. jeje Ugh… no seriously. lol Love ya!!


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