The exhibit and Airplanes

I went to see BODIES the exhibit today.  I also ate in the middle of freaking nowhere, but  lets talk about the exhibit first because that does not involve me hanging my head out of a car to scream in agony.

To clear the way before I talk about it;  I know there’s much controversy around the exhibit, I have no intention of getting into it.  I paid my ticket, I went in, I learned a lot, that was my choice.

Now, I am first and foremost very exited because the exhibit came to PR.  I can count with the fingers on one hand the amount of high quality exhibit’s that have been done here in the last five years.  We need more of these.

I wished to see it in NY for years, but I’ve never been to NY and didn’t had plans to go so in reality I didn’t thought I would see it.

The part of the exhibit that I watched the longest was the circulatory part. They had parts of the body like a leg or a torso displaying only the arteries.  The heart was very complex (duh), after that I kept being impressed by the aorta and calling it ‘the snorkel’.

The part of the exhibit that impressed me the most was the embryo and fetus exhibit.  I mean, they had a four week embryo.  It was about a half or a centimeter long? I don’t know, it was tiny but it was so… THERE.  So solid.  I guess after so many years hearing  people talk about a four week embryo like it’s just a little thing, barely something at all, it gets in your mind that it’s just a tiny thing in there that could be just anything else, but to see it there was something.  Six weeks old embryo I was all ‘it’s a BABY’ with head and eyes and little tiny arms with FINGERS.  Eight weeks old?  It was a little human being, with bones and feet and EARS…  the miracle of conception and birth it’s just too awesome.

If you want to see a youtube video with narration, click here.

All the dissections were impressive and I learned so much, I mean, after one takes an anatomy class, a physiology class, to actually SEE these parts right there was just whoa.   To see healthy lungs and then lungs of someone who smokes it made want to hit smokers EVEN MORE.  The different demonstrations of conditions, I mean I saw a massive stroke  in front of my face.   And I saw a pituitary gland.  And now I know how my ovaries are inside my body. And I held a brain in my hands.  Which sounds creepy and it probably is, but seriously, I will never again be able to hold a brain in my hands, so help me God, so it was an experience.  A two year old held it before me by the way.  What was that father thinking, I have no idea.

The whole thing took us about two hours although, I would have been there much longer if more scientific people were with me.  After that Diz’s brother (recently returned to PR after years in the US) wanted to eat in a restaurant in a town in the middle of the island.  We were in the capital, San Juan and he wanted to go to Barranquitas.  How do you get to Barranquitas?  You drive towards the mountains, when you stop seeing signs of civilization? You keep going, until you see the mist of the mountain tops.  And then you keep going until you ARE in the mist in the mountain tops.  I know because part of my family lives there.

Going there is not my idea of a nice dinner out.  Because there’s a 78% chance I will be starving by the time I get to the food, an 18% chance I’ll be dizzy, and a 87% chance I’ll be bitchy just because it takes TOO LONG to get there.  By too long I mean about an hour and half to two hours tops.  And this is where it all got confusing to Diz’s brother.  He comes from Minnesota and kept talking about how he flatten 39482058 miles a day, crossed from one state to the other in 2 minutes and things like that, and we were all ‘oh yes, Diz’s brother that’s very cool, but your calculations WON’T WORK HERE.’ And he was all ‘Why?!’ And I was all ‘because  here we have to conquer the CURVES in the road, REAL ones, the altitude, and most of all the CRAZY PEOPLE DRIVING around you.’

But he had this idea that it was going to be dandy to go eat there and I guess we wanted to enjoy the beautiful day it was so we agreed to buy a map and let him be the GPS.  He drew out a route and off we were.  From this point on I kept telling everyone how I get to Barranquitas (since I’ve been going since I was born to now) and Diz’s brother, Lord of the Map and Diz’s husband worshiper of the Lord of the Map kept ignoring what I said (because I didn’t knew the street numbers of any road I used, I just know how to get there. How can that be Narami? Well, that is the way we drive in PR people. We get out of the highway when we see the sign that says ‘Moca’ we keep going until we see the paint store, then we turn right in the light after that, then there’s a big mango tree in the right side of the road where we turn left, then we know that Tito’s cousin lives in the yellow house and we turn left again and then when we see the sign for Vivian’s pizza we know we got there. EASY. ) only to see for themselves that what I was telling them was right from the start.  (They weren’t rude or anything mind you, they were just the normal Puerto Rican male way of ‘yes, yes, don’t worry, we know what we are doing! Yes, I heard.’)

We asked for directions about 192 times after we got to Barranquitas but we found the darn restaurant. Only to be told that it was closed for the day.

So Diz’s brother suggest yet ANOTHER restaurant even further than the first one.  Going to this one we got a transit ticket for speeding, did I mentioned that the whole while Diz’s husband was trying to KILL US with his car?  No?  Well, HE WAS.  That’s what back seat passengers call it when the driver doesn’t know where he is or where he is going to and still is going at 57 mph in a VERY curvy road.  But we got there too BY NIGHTFALL.

It was a good thing that the restaurant was very cute, had little airplanes for people to eat in (erm, yes, real little DC3’s), the spot was very nice and breezy and the ambiance was just very Puerto Rican and christmasy; because the food was not the best we’ve had.  We all agreed we could go again though to see everything in daylight because the place was so cute.

Coming back we re-lived the map nightmare, this time I was backed up by a couple of policeman on which was the damn road we had to take but the exasperation mixed with how tired I was, was too much for me and I ended up with my head out of the car looking up the sky… laughing.

It was a great times.

(Couple of pictures later.)


4 thoughts on “The exhibit and Airplanes

  1. geekhiker says:

    I remember seeing the Body Worlds thing the first time it came through LA. I found it fascinating on the one hand, but found I didn’t like all of the poses that were done; people playing soccer, etc. The posing seemed a bit “showy” and detracted from the figure itself. IMHO

    Promise that if I ever visit you’ll drive nice and slowwwwwwww 🙂


  2. narami says:

    The exhibit was awesome. I guess I liked the posed dissections if only because it gave us a chance to see the muscles and bones ‘working’. I dunno, I guess it keeps it from being just an ‘class’ type thinguie and more like art or something.

    I ALWAYS drive nice and slow with passengers, don’t worry 🙂


  3. kristy says:

    the road trip sounded like one big, comic moment! i laughed nearly the whole time i read it! maybe your filmmaker cousin can make a movie based on it??

    Merry Christmas, Chica!!



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