As a model

You know when people interview models after a shooting and they say that they are tired because they worked very hard and you think ‘yeah bitch, you are tired because you stood there five minutes and someone took your picture, wawaaa crybaby’?I need to tell you something;they are not lying.

A shooting session can be as exhausting as… a six hour practice of Aikido.Yesterday I woke up at 4:40am to have my makeup done.It took an hour and half and about 356 pounds of foundation, corrector and powder to make me camera ready.Basically I looked like a hooker in real life (it was literally scary, really) but behind the lens I looked like I had no pores, fresh as a baby.

Our first shooting location was an abandoned house of two stories full of trees,dirt and graffiti.Torres, the photographer, told me I would be wearing my long dress.It is ash gray silk, an a line skirt, very simple.When I saw the place I asked him if I was going to be a ghost and he replied affirmatively.I started squeeing, I got to do the part of a crazy ghost!We had Venetian masks and a skull that I named Pepito, and the setting was awesome.

Within the first 20 minutes of the shooting I started sweating like crazy, we went around the house, up and down like 394205 times, I was high heels holding poses that had to look natural and relaxed when in reality I was contorted in painful ways trying to blend with a tree or holding a frame… I realized after a while that I was also holding my breath when he told me to hold a pose, which is crazy because you can hold a pose for five minutes, so oddly enough I had to teach myself to keep inhaling so I could survive the shooting.

Those pictures are insanely cool and I love them to pieces.

Our second shooting location was the middle of town and I was wearing a yellow short dress with white platforms.We shot in front of a public building painted yellow, we shot in the middle of a construction site and were almost thrown out except Torres spoke softly to the police men and they were very happy to keep watching the shooting while we finished using the “Danger Zone” markers as props.Then we shot a couple of pictures in a police man’s motorcycle, which made for one of my favorite pictures, cause as I sat in it the radio received an income message and I burst out laughing as the picture was being taken.

We shot in front and on top of a fountain and then we where done there.

I wore glasses for some of those pictures and Torres is reflected in them.I had to walk the whole plaza in platforms.I was dehydrated by the end of this part and I like about half the pics taken here.

The third shooting location was the back of café that had walls covered in graffiti.We took about 15 pictures there.I like only one of them. By now my foundation was spotting because of the sweat and it was driving me crazy.

The fourth shooting location was a junker.I know.By now you are thinking what were they shooting for?Garbage?I wanted a ‘urban’ theme.Something raw and bold.Don’t tell me that doesn’t spell junker.We had permission to shoot for only five minutes, so I think we did some seven pictures.

The sun was hitting me straight in the face for those pictures, and I look as if I’m not aware that someone is taking my picture even though I’m looking right into the camera.

The fifth shooting location was the beach!! In other words, the biggest nightmare for someone that has to hold a pose, get wet and look right into the camera as the sun is trying to kill the eyes.I’m not going to say I didn’t had fun here, because I WAS in the beach and who loves the beach more than I do? But, when I got my face wet and the eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara started melting into my left eye and I couldn’t keep it open for five second straight, I was a bit annoyed.Just a bit.That and that Torres kept screaming ‘sexy eyes! Sexy! GIVE ME SEXY!!’And I kept trying to keep the little sexy I have while being wet, half covered in sand, with the hair hitting my face, the sun killing my eyes and the fear of being hit by a three feet wave that would throw me face first in the sand.Do me a favor and the next time you see a picture of a pretty model in the beach, think good things about her.

I do like most of these pictures.I mean, I WAS in the beach!

It was a great experience.I was completely exhausted when I got home, I slept a couple of hours before waking up to go see Hellboy (OMG AWESOME!) and today I’m hurting a little, butI loved the opportunity and hope it makes a good digital preview of my personality in case a casting director needs a crazy brunette somewhere.

I’ll share some pictures (I don’t even have ALL of them right now, he only let me see a preview assortment) in the post before this one for some days, take a peek and let me know 🙂


2 thoughts on “As a model

  1. narami says:

    You know, I just realized that when you asked how it was to work in the beach you meant about the equipment.
    Torres had two cameras (a fuji and a canon) and his son was using one, the rest of his things stayed in his car, so there was nothing to carry or move in the sand. (We were very close to the car anyway.)


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