Circa 1970

I took about 75% of all the pictures of the vacations in black and white.

I have been going to that place since I was very young, just the other day I remembered that my first swim suit was given to me in one of those trips.It was fuchsia, a speedo and I was about five. I wasn’t aloud to go into the big pool because the shallow part was three feet deep and I couldn’t or could barely touch the floor.But I was raised in front of the sea and I begged for a chance to prove that I wouldn’t drown, and after a couple of hours in the little pool (that is about a foot, foot and half deep)someone took me to the other pool.

I played one thousand mermaid games there with my other cousins.And since the pool is huge, and I mean freaking huge, we loved to play fetch.I remember one time we spent what seemed like hours looking for a toy one my cousins had thrown in, other people kept moving it without knowing and it ended up in the other end.

So this time, as we were approaching the place I though I wanted to captivate the immortality that the place has for me.How after all this years, it is still the same, as if time stopped; it still has that peacefulness and calm about it. The ocean there is always the same shade of blue.And I still feel the same kind of excitement when I’m going, and the same kind of sadness when I’m leaving.

My grandfather bought that apartment when my mother was a teenager and I love how the black and white series came out because if they had taken pictures of the place then, that is exactly how they would look.


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