The flight of the Phoenix

We went kite flying yesterday to El Morro, one of the most beautiful spots of the island.  March is the month of kites so we got this idea that we should go revisit our childhoods.

Rod’s kite was a jet, his wife’s was Nemo’s, Diz’s was tie dye, her husbands was the classic black Gayla with the eyes and he had another one, five feet wide with colors, Diz’s sister had a pirate skull and I; I had a flaming one that I called Fawkes the Phoenix.

Phoenix in the sky

We walked around Old San Juan (literally, we walked around the whole place) to get to the grassy part where people fly kites.  The wind was comforting, the sky perfectly blue, the sea was calm and in front of us we had the majestic view of El Morro.

El Morro


We had a three layer cake to celebrate Rod’s birthday, and we were giggly children sitting in the grass preparing our kites. All around us hundreds of kites flew and kids ran, a picture of happiness.

He can do it alone

I’ll remember that day with a smile on my face forever.  My kite flying gracefully hundred and fifty feet from me, laying in the grass just looking at the sky with the clouds adorning it perfectly, moving so slowly.


Flying shadow

By the end of the day when we walked back to our cars there was a man was juggling flaming torches, and after we saw his show we walked around the pier gazing at the cruises and smelling the sweet of candies and pop corn.

Mr. Jesus gave us a perfect day.


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