Natural brilliant

For the first time in… I don’t even remember how many years, I went snorkeling.

I had to wake up super early and drive for a little over an hour, which had me very happy at the beginning of the day, but for all I saw… it was almost worth it.

We went to a secluded, sort of hidden beach, hardly visited or known except for divers, who love the spot.  It was super cute.

From there we kayaked about 15 mins along a beautiful rock wall as the shore, caves and mini natural bridges… I was fascinated by the majestic view. We found a little beach, meaning some 20 feet of sand and there we left the kayaks and all the stuff, grabbed our snorkels and off we went.  In the blink of an eye we were swimming at 15 feet deep, rock formations were everywhere, I started seeing fishes, all colors and shapes and soon I found the first brain coral.  I screamed.  Then I saw more and bigger, and wheat corals and it was shortly after I saw that one that I dived the first time.  Took out my breathing tube, gulped air and down I went. I hadn’t done that in about 14 years.  Not at 15 feet.  I forgot how to let the pressure out properly even, but I didn’t care. After that I started diving every time we saw a coral variety or a rare fish.  I touched everything I could, including a sponge which used to freak me out really bad when I was young…er.

That peaceful feeling of watching this calm habitat go on in the depths and the excitement of holding on to a rock to peek into a cave, God it’s… special.  I felt re-charged.

We walked and explored around our tiny exclusive beach, climbed a little and then headed back to our main spot were we, well, actually EdGard, cooked for us.  That is  after two guys went to buy some fire, since we had everything except matches for the BBQ.

It was lovely.  Until I had to drive about two hours to get back home.  Alone. Under the longest rain we’ve had since last winter.  And in a route I absolutely despise.

Am now tired.



I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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