La nena de mama

The cutest girl was born today, some years ago.She has the most charming eyes, and the softest character.She is playful and wants to love everyone.She receive everyone with kisses and a little party.My lovely girl Shay Marie;

A week after our former boxer died of cancer, the ladiest lady you could ever see, Lady Diana, we couldn’t handle the silence in the house and my mom and I went to a house that had an announcement in the newspaper.They were selling boxers.When we got there they had around 9 of them and my first thought was that there was no way of choosing one, I love animals, I wanted them all and they were all equally cute.

But then out of that pack came a little one furiously wagging her butt (her tail was already cut) with the eyes of a Sad Sam and I picked her up softly.She tilted her head back and howled forming an “o” with her snout.It was the silliest and cutest thing we had seen.I turned around and said “I want this one.”Thirty minutes later we were on our way home.As she was standing with her two front legs in the window looking out and crying a little, I told her “your name is Shay and we are going to make you a happy doggie.”

That name just came out of my mouth so I felt maybe we could choose a better one.Over my mother’s protests (she loved the name since the first instant) I researched a little in the computer and found that Shay in Hawaiian means gift.Then it was clear, that was the perfect name for this little ball of happiness.Momma says Shay is a gift from heaven.

I say she’s one of our angels on earth.

Happy Birthday Nani.  You might never know how lucky we are to have you.

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2 thoughts on “La nena de mama

  1. narami says:

    Thank you!! Confieso que hoy le he dado muchos mas besos y “abrazos” de los que se consideran razonables, pero no me importa porque me han dado ganas de comermela.

    & oh, you see, Marie’s are beautiful angels almost by default.


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