I wish I could smell your hair, love mama

To my possible future children:

I sort of thought a lot about you today. It is no particular day at all but I saw a picture of the nephew of Rod and thought I want you to have dimples. I also hope you have black hair and long eyelashes. I have no doubt that you will be beautiful. Yes, I am that sure of the quality of my genome.
Anyway, it’s not rare that I thought about you today. Actually I think about you every now and then.

I have been dreaming about you since I was about 13. People say it’s because of the period (which I didn’t get at 13, we can talk about this in abundance if you are a girl. Or if you are a boy, I really don’t mind) but I don’t think so. I never saw or have seen your face in the dreams but I know the girl looks just like me because I saw her profile. I have dreamt about a girl and a boy. Not together. But I have dreamt more about a boy for obvious reasons.
Everyone knows (if they know me at all) that I would, if I had the will to dare such thing, wish for a boy.

Don’t feel bad if you are a girl though, because secretly I think it would be awesome if I have a girl so I can make her play basketball and practice judo, it’s just that my heart is bad at lying to me about this, it knows the smell of a boy can make me goo.
If you are a boy I must tell you it is planned that as soon as you are 3 you’re going to have a Mohawk.Not a shaved one, but a long-on-the-back one.I’m not sorry either. And before you ask, yes, you can have all the tattoos and piercingyou want after you are 18. Before that you can have all the ones I want you to have.What?I gave birth to you, DEAL WITH IT.

You may choose whatever position you find of your preference regarding politics, just be prepare to defend it against your grandfather if it’s the case, I don’t want those discussions to be long so I’ll tell you don’t need good arguments, just something to shut him up.Also, don’t listen to any of his crap, he engendered a human that dares to dream and can not get over it.I won’t be able to forgive myself if I don’t pass on this to you.I want you to dream as if dreams were a canvas and you had all the colors of the universe available.

I want you to not pay any attention to the stupid fears I have,it was a brief moment that ruined my relationship with reptiles;I would rather have you follow my example on my adventurous side.

I wish one day you will catch a frog and torment me with it around the house. That is my way of telling you I love you, since now.


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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