Aerosmith Concert

The pro about going to a concert alone is you can do anything you want (a general pro about being alone anywhere) you can scream when no one is screaming or jump through whole songs without feeling like someone else has to follow you.

The biggest con is that you can’t complain in real time about things that are bothering you.If they decide to put up a huge white sheet so you can’t see the stage and start testing the guitars every 2 minutes, driving you particularly anxious?You have to shut up about it.If the girl two seats in front of you is so drunk she’s actually dancing to the air?Shut up.The woman behind you is trying to locate friends across the coliseum through her cell phone meaning she is waving her left hand, now her right hand, now she is jumping, now she is mooning… SHUTTING UP.

That is NOT FUN.

But the concert was.

Really short video of the opening song in which you can hear me singing screaming.

Yes, I was moving THAT much.

All my videos are super short because I kept saving battery for my favorite songs.THAT NEVER CAME.*

Steven Tyler is absolutely crazy in that weird way that makes you want to lick him.

His voice was amazing, he still has it all.He wore a cowboy hat from the public through a whole song and then kept it for him.He took pictures of himself with people’s cell phones, one of them he put in his pocket and later on threw it to the public in another part of the stage, he burped in the microphone after the first song.We loved him.

I’ve never seen singers so close to the public before, Steven and Joe sang and played IN THE FACE of the people that were standing right in front of the stage, people touched them repeatedly, grabbed their hair and they just stayed there letting them; that was awesome.Although it made me nervous.

My fears became a reality only ONCE to my surprise.One girl went up the stage and hugged Steven with her camera and took whatever quantity of pictures (I assume about 4, if it was me it wouldn’t been about 100) of them, then asked Steven to give her a kiss, I assume and he kissed her RIGHT IN THE MOUTH and then in the neck, deeping her in that really romantic movie way until, he let her go and that’s when security went up and took her.

I give this security guys props first for enjoying the concert, many of them had their arms up with a rock sing singing, and second for not being rude with people, they were extremely nice and soft; and everything went smoothly, see how some loving can make anything better?

The band was awesome even when the bass was replaced in a hurry, nobody can complain.The music was awesome. I was in awe.That Joe can play.

The show was completed with amazing lights, two sets of lasers, a HUGE stage-big projector, 5 spot lights, a long hall across arena that lighted red all the way, “snow” for one part of the show and them five guys that rocked it good.

The bad part: They sang for only an hour and half.Which compared to any other concert given during the last two years, is miserable.Guns & Roses was here last month and the concert was almost 4 hours long, including the opening show.Oh, when it was time for the opening band Viva Nativa to end their presentation they turn off the sound, which was completely rude and had one guy behind me in shock for about 20 minutes afterwards.It only affected his farewell, but still to see that he was saying good bye in the microphone and that it was off was not cool.

*AND what I can’t really forgive ever EVER, do you hear that Aerosmith? I’m not buying any more of your CD’s EVER! Because:


I dreamt about them singing me my songs and they DIDN’T.Not forgivable.EVER.

More and better pics at Flickr.



5 thoughts on “Aerosmith Concert

  1. phizhy says:

    This was my biggest fear on the Pear Jam concert & the U2 concert, them not singing the songs I went to hear LIVE, thankfully neither Eddie nor Bono dissapointed me, Pearl Jam was better than U2 though because they gave an encore of like 10 extra songs, the venue was smaller & in my brain it made it more intimate (8,000 people vs. U2’s 50,000);; I am dying to see Aerosmith live /color me green w/the good kind of envy/ but them not singing two of my favorite songs is just unforgivable!

    {longest pointless comment ever, sorry!}

    I was going to upload the PJ videos until I realized that in all of them you can hear me & the boy singing on top of Eddie & let me tell you, the world is already a miserable place enough w/o my singing on the Internet for everyone to listen to.

    What else? I am so happy you had a great time (& I also am kind of jealous that you would go to a concert entirely alone, I still am not confident enough to do it, hell, I still have problems eating alone!)

    Oh, & the pictures, very clear, how near were you?


  2. narami says:

    Well, then I hope you can see them too because they gave an awesome show, I want to see those two bands BTW.
    And it wasn’t until the next day that I realized that the concert was going to be for the new CD, thus, not many of the greatest hits actually NEEDED to be played, although c’mon, you are Aerosmith an hour and half?! Not nearly enough!

    I thought the same thing about the vids but then I went like “it’s a concert, they wouldn’t expect me NOT to scream” so whatever. I hope you can sort me out :oD

    It was a great new experience to go to such a big event alone. I would do it again although, I would prefer to go with someone I can’t stop myself from doing stuff just because I am alone. Yo soy bien tonta para esas cosas, but I have been forcing myself and ended up enjoying many things so I keep trying.

    AND that second picture was my view. Technically I was sitting in the second section beside the stage (because of those halls that went to the sides), going upwards, on the right side of arena. My seat line was P and the letters of the alphabet go upwards starting from the bottom. And this place has no bad seats. It’s architecture it’s excellent.



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