How are you doing? WET!

Yesterday I went to see Matisyahu in concert. It was both awesome and horrible. The concert was awesome, the thinking of the missing was horrible.

Matis (as we affectionately call him, and by we I mean JulieAnn) can freaking sing. He walked right in front of us, not in the stage but, of US, when we were sitting on the floor. He walked around the amphitheater before starting, we both went ded and didn’t even took a picture. I spent the rest of the night trying to get a clear pic of his face, of course, because that’s life.

It rained ALL NIGHT LONG and we spent the concert under the tiny roof made for the sound equipment. In some sort of crazy way, it was really cool that it rained that long. Matis got wet for a long time with the public.
The first song of the night was Songs of Freedom (I hope you know that’s Bob Marley) and the percussionist of Matisyahu played something like plena, timbales and all when his solo came during the concert. People went crazy with both of those things.
Pictures will be at Flickr later, here some conclusions I made from yesterday:

  • – Matisyahu is crazy cool.- El Anfi es al estilo grecoromano, con piedras y todo, therefore wear tennis shoes even if it kills your outfit.
  • – It can rain for 2 hours straight in a concert OUTSIDE and still be super awesome.
  • – You can smoke pot for free in a reggae concert.
  • -You can’t say “trancao” you have to say “obstruido”. Apparently.
  • – Cheese pops will be substituted for tenders if you order while incessantly giggling. (refer to the smoking free of the pot)
  • – Do not throw a $10 dollar bill over your shoulder to the back of my car in an attempt to make me keep it. You will only infuriate me, I’ll scream while you laugh your ass off and it will take TIME to get it out from there. And NO it’s not funny woman.
    – King without a crown is one of the best songs ranking top 10.
    – Don’t ask me if I’m married or single if you will not compensate my answer with instant MONEY. No free credit card? No poll? Then don’t even open your mouth to speak to me.
    – If everyone is smoking pot and you are not smoking, the problem is that YOU are not smoking, not the other way around.
    – Kennie will not kiss you if your hair smells like second hand pot smoke.
  • – Reggae roots makes you feel like FREEDOM!! In a very liberal Bob Marley-fight for your rights way.

The best moment of yesterday: That moment when I said “mira Julie” and when she looked up to the sky there was a gaviota circling over us and we both smiled that smiled and felt blessed. And so later on no matter how tired we were she would answer all my whining with “pero paso una gaviota.” And I had to shut up.

& The best moment of today: When I got to work after spending all the way there crying because I didn’t wanted to be ANYWHERE at all and I saw Richard first and he gave me such a tight hug, I felt he was picking me up my insanity.

I’m tired. And my room is looking like chaos.

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