Motoras y motoras y motoras

I’m exhausted. I’m literally falling asleep with Priscila on my lap but I’m refusing to sleep before some normal time like … 12am. I don’t have to work tomorrow.

*sleepy yay*

Today I didn’t had to work either so I went to the SuperCross Series Puerto Rico vs United States in El Coliseo de Arecibo.
(Pics at Flickr, link at Links, on the right.)

They had about 100 racers and WHOA it was fun!

Good times:
• Racers racing in motorcycles that we like. We like the motorcycles (and I mean almost all of them cruisers, off road, plastic I’m easy like that) and we like races (anything that races is good, I like).
• Puerto Rican and American racers. Variety. Different styles. A chance to yell “we SO GOT YAAAA!”
• The track was small but complete; it had 3 good jump points that were very enjoyable.
• Tiny wittle puny kids in motorcycles sporting cute tiny racing uniforms in such cuteness that I almost threw myself to the track to eat them all at once. We saw kids of 7-10 years racing and they gave the best races! They want to WIN so believe me they give it their all, it was so nice to see them. In one of the many falls (the little ones fall more because they can’t control the motorcycle that well, they can’t even touch the floor in them, and so they can’t really “escape” the falling like adults who basically get out from a fall running) one of the little kids got out from his motorcycle and started hitting his helmet and stomping the floor in anger, which is not funny at all because they should teach them that is just a sport, but I’m guilty of cooing at him because he was THE CUTEST thing you’ve ever seen in his little orange uniform stomping the floor with his cute anger.
• Good company. Diz was there with her husband, my ex-trainer Chelo was there with his fiancé, her daughter and his brother and sister and they are ALL so nice and cool, JulieAnn was there with Em (who I met today and didn’t like although I am sure he is a very nice and good person, I get annoyed by people who think EVERYTHING is funny/a joke rather easily) and we made a good screaming team that use no bad words (for once) and cool whistles. Where was Rod? He was ignoring us and it will COST him. We have a lab with a urine tank, you can NOT ignore us Rod!
• Good food. Everyone needs a friturita once in a while and if it doesn’t costs $5 we are even more happy! We also had a beer at early day hours that should not be revealed.
• The excitement of watching 14 racers going and going and the sound of the motorcycles almost muffled by the rock music and the people’s screams.

Bad times:

• The track was too small. It had too many curves and it was too narrow and TOO SMALL! There was no space to make it bigger in that place so why didn’t they do it elsewhere? We have plenty of comfortable tracks that could’ve been arranged, they are just stupid. We had to watch falls of people hitting each other just because of the lack of space.
• The motorcycles pick up the dirt from the track which is very cool to watch (and I imagine fun to do when you are racing) and it almost killed us all in a cloud of dirt that was engulfing us into lung failure.
• Half the people coaching the event in “staff” uniforms didn’t knew SHIT about motocross, including the announcer for God’s sake. The dudes that had the flags were NOT paying any kind of attention to what they were doing (I think the only one that knew what his flag was for was the one that was holding the gray and the white one), and the people directing the cycles/lapses in the track (and the category races) were all in crack which resulted in a race ending like this “This race finished 5 lapses ago!” and all of us and the racers going “WHAT THE FUCK?!” ONLY IN PUERTO RICO!!!
• They didn’t knew what the heck they were doing which meant they had to take breaks to figure it out. They were long breaks. Breaks of 20 minutes, in between most of the events. The entire thing was so dilated that we almost had babies there, men included. We are talking I was there at 9:30am and I got out at 5pm BEFORE the whole thing ended.
• The emergency paramedics were too slow for my taste. If a kid falls (a kid, mind you because the old ones can defend themselves pretty well) I want a paramedic to be there like NOW. The little girl fell and the announcer had to call the paramedics to the center of the track when of the idiots of the flags had been flagging the yellow away forever. One of the little boys fell and stayed in the dirt without moving and while I was screaming my lungs out his first aid was one of the flag idiots, the paramedics got there when they boy GOT UP and started walking.
But all in all it was cool and we all had a good time. I am exhausted as if I had raced the thing so that must mean it was a good day.



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