The Fajardo Trip Part I

On Saturday I woke up at around 5:30am crying. I was dreaming the saddest dreams my subconscious could muster and I couldn’t take it, but I started thinking about bible passages because I needed to sleep at least until 7am.

At 7am I gave up on trying to relax and got up feeling sleepy, tired and cold. I didn’t wanted to go anywhere. This trip? BAD IDEA.

By 7:40am I was shaving my legs in the shower, after having my breakfast (an ensure) and was thinking why is it that we are going anywhere? Who’s idea was this? why am I SHAVING! I’m cold and sleepy!! BUT the sea looked beautiful and you know… maybe it was not SO bad.

I finished my makeup at 8:30am, after putting everything in Sandy and triple checking I had every important thing. I definitely don’t want to go anywhere but I’m dressed now so I HAVE to, I thought.
I called Diz 30 mins later, it was raining horribly and Diz! It’s RAINING HORRIBLY!! She said we didn’t care because we were going to have A GREAT time, she said, I said we don’t care? She confirmed: NO, WE DON’T CARE. I said, ok. But I didn’t believed her. By 9:30 I had waited about 15-20 mins in the parking of a toll for Diz and Rod, the irresponsible bastards, under a great deal of rain, wind and clouds. It didn’t look pretty. And I was still sleepy and cold.

We parted to Fajardo at around 9:40am. It rained for most of the trip but now I didn’t care because I was playing my Servando and Florentino CD at volumes that should not be available to normal people and I was driving through a new route, the 66, and I love to see new routes. Specially new routes that are easy and take me places FAST.
We entered the Beltz Outlets to wait for NGel and eat. At this point I knew that the friends of the friends, I’ll call him Idiot and her Plastica, didn’t only looked like they were stupid, they WERE stupid. Rod’s wife, on the contrary, while she looks like she can be rather difficult, is rather difficult but in a respectful, educated, honest and almost nice way, and that was good news. I had the best lunch in a while; I ordered rice with garbanzos and jam a pechuga rellena de mofongo de yucca and aguacates con cebolla. Mmm. Yummy.

When we finished NGel arrived looking 41 pounds thinner and 3 days of dirty demanding that we waited for him to eat. So while he ate with the boys us girls went window shopping directly to Calvin Klein where I made my window shopping experience complete by buying a shirt. Everything had a 40% discount! I could’ve gotten a good stock of jeans but we didn’t have enough time to spend our credit cards. It was good bonding time for Diz, Rod’s wife and me. Plastica was spending all her money in other stores so that later she could claim herself broke.

Then we said we were going but actually we stopped to buy hats for some weird reason, it seem like just the thing to do and so we ended up with hats. Mine is white and pink (what is up with me and pink lately!!! Jesus.) and Roxy. It’s ubber cute.
The real trip started here when we left the outlets to go to el Yunque, after a rather confusing and amusing moment in the parking lot where we kinda lost each other for a min because Diz had to go pick Idiot and Plastic, because 3 drops of rain were falling and she couldn’t get her hair wet. I swear it was 3 drops. It was ridiculous.

Driving Sandy to el Yunque felt immensely satisfactory. I think because I felt I was putting her to her use, I had her packed with all my stuff and the road was challenging and I think she was feeling like the SUV she is. She was splendid. Kisses for her.
It was about an hour driving until we got to the terrains of the reserve. I was SO exited I couldn’t stop laughing. Alone.

You can see some pics at Flickr.

El Yunque is simply breath taking. I thought how perfect it is for those days when you want to walk away from everything, it sort of nestles you into itself and there are moments when you feel so tiny but so free inside of it. It was just the sort of experience I needed and was looking for, although a moment that has changed my life happened much later, this was the beginning of a religious experience lets say, because I couldn’t stop thinking about the perfection of nature since I found myself inside that forest. And how awesomely beautiful everything was! The smell and the sounds of the forest, it was just perfect.

After reaching the desired middle point of the journey, called la mina, where the strongest waterfall is, we rested and then decided by voting that we were going to finish the trail going up the big trees forest to the last parking lot, meaning that we then (after we were out of the forest) had to walk about an hour (the distance that we made inside the forest) on the road to were our cars were. It was more adventurous than going back through the same route that we went in but also more challenging because this trail went up AT ALL TIMES and was 30 mins long too.
Rod’s wife was angry because she didn’t wanted to go through the way “up” (upwards) because she didn’t wanted to see trees!! (her actual statement) what was she doing in el Yunque, I have no idea.

This is the part of the trail were everyone separated into because they couldn’t keep up with the rest. Diz’s husband was in the front going so fast we couldn’t see him, Diz and me were after him, then Plastic and Idiot, Rod & his wife and NGel.

When we finally reached the road (and finished the trail tour) it rained. Hard, thick rain. And we got wet. And we were cold and wet. We stopped at a little kiosquito and the boys went to get the car, that was about 20 mins away. Here Plastica decided she had to do her makeup again for the 4th time in the trip and I decided she was not the kind of person I want to go to a trip with. I have nothing against makeup, it is my friend we have good times and all together, BUT when you are in el Yunque, sweating, involved in the nature attending cooler and more important things, why would you take out a makeup bag and retouch ALL your makeup? Including your eye liner? Who retouches their eyeliner? And it’s raining on and off and you are putting pancake in your face, EW! Oh, and she smoked like a chimney, again nothing against smokers, I mean if you want to die of emphysema? A slow death were you can’t breath and you asphyxiate gasping for air? Be my guest, but really, do you have to smoke 785 cigarettes in a forest? Yes? Then you deserve to die young.

We ate further down in a kiosquito that had all kinds of frituras at prices that were insulting and we were very angry to pay $4 for a taco. Not a Mexican taco, a Puerto Rican taco, it’s really different.
Then came the best part. Which will be posted at part II.

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