Lets call him; Dragon

I called him Dragon because I didn’t like his name.

Of course I had seen the dragon, I saw it the first time I met him, I etched it on my mind. Colors and all.
I don’t like tattoos. It was the way it looked so unlike him… like that drawing on his back was oddly, yet nicely, out of place that attracted me to it.

So his name is not pretty & JulieAnn reminded me I always baptize people with my own names, what’s gonna be his? She said.


I didn´t even had to think it. And that’s how I saved his number on my cell phone the first time he called me.
I remember he told me I was very pretty & that he loved my eyes the very first time we talked. I thought he got some nerve.
And he does.
He asked me a lot of things. I asked if I was being interrogated and I think, if my mind is not mistaken, which could very well be, that he said yes. Do you mind? I think he asked.
Of course I didn’t. It has been a long time since someone wanted to hear what I thought.

I looked at him the second time I saw him and discovered that he was very pretty. But I made me think “you are not liking this boy. It’s INSANE. You are insane, but not THAT insane ok. No & that’s it.”
JulieAnn said que mal te va a ir! & I thought no way silly. She laughed.
She still does that when she see us together.

So we talked a lot on the phone. And went out with our friends some 3 times. I thought he was never asking me to go out with him, like in a decent date, ever. And one Sunday on the phone he said he missed me, and maybe I said I did too, so he said lets fix this I’ll pick you up at 7p.
We went to the movies and saw the Exorcism of Emily Rose. I strangled his right arm. He kissed my temple several times when I looked as if I was going to pass out right there.
He is sweet like that. ALL THE TIME. Which I didn’t understood at the time and still, sometimes don’t.

It was fast. Like a nascar race fast. & I was not looking for someone. I was if anything, avoiding this kind of thing. It’s been insane.

He had said that he wanted to kiss me. I hadn’t been kissed in so long I didn’t even remember when was the last time. A kiss.
That would be nice.
Except that it was all screwed up by my heart and its jumping. All week long I remembered that kissed and my stomach flipped. I admit, every time it happened I giggled because that stupid feeling it’s teh fun.

There hasn’t been a date when he hasn’t comment on how pretty I look and although that’s pretty cheap and totally expected, I have never known how that feels, and the look in his eyes makes it worth it. I like that.
Just how I like when he says what he knows I know, yet he says it, aloud so I can hear it. I miss you, he says, right after he has said how he’s been thinking about me and stuff. But he says I miss you and then I know. I like that.
We kiss in public. Not the intimate kind of kiss, the cute little in love kisses of the recent couples that can make someone sick to their stomach. We can be doing anything, at all, and then I look at him and not do a thing and he’ll know I want a peck. I like that too. I also like when he kisses my hands and when he opens the door of the car for me.
I told him I’m waiting for him to stop doing that after the 3rd month. He said he’s always been like that. Still, we’ll have to wait & see.

Don’t believe in words he said, I’ll show you with my acts how I am and what you mean to me.
That’s an excellent premise.

I thought he was playing me and one night I told him, for some reason. He said there are many women to do that with, that he is not looking forward to do that at this stage in his life, he wants peace. And there was something about how he thought I was worth it, it being a relationship I guess.
You give me peace, he said.
I think you deserve to be happy, I said. You and your pretty sad eyes.

He’s been through shit. Shit I don’t know a lot about, but he’s given me ideas. I don’t want him to say what I know he doesn’t want to say. But I have asked and he has answered every time.
If I could give you a pill full of love I would because you deserve it. Maybe I was too cheesy, that’s how I felt though.

We had our moment of sincerity in Isabela. We looked at each other and just couldn’t deny it anymore. There’s this click. Chemistry some people call it, we could’ve blown up the room with it. Dangerous quantities of it were fuming from us. It’s there. So there, it’s crazy.

So the eyes. He has this big, kind of tone down eyes that can say the world without speaking. And sometimes they get sad. But most of the time they are sparkly and playful and when he looks at me, and this is the part when I steal lines from writers which names I don’t remember; when he looks at me they are the tenderness made solid, there is this calmness this peace… they get piercingly soulful and as though he wants to reach inside me and touch my soul with them, most of the time when he looks at me that way he ends up kissing me slowly, like the final kiss in the movie when you melt in your chair from just looking at the lips touching.
He’s got that slow kissing thing down like a master. And the killer hand in the cheek? Like a charm.

His son has got his eyes. He has a son with a woman he never married. I wish he didn’t had that sadness in him.
But his son is his joy. The two of them together can make you think the world can be full of love overnight. They are the perfect picture of love.
He calls me every day. I know that’s gonna end sometime but for now, I can talk to him. When I want to see him, he actually wants to see me too & shock and gasp in a dramatic fashion here: he will go out of his way to make time for us.
I don’t want you to be coming here if there’s no need, I said one night.
But there is a huge need! I need to see you and be with you! What are you thinking! He yelled giggling. I just decided, I’ll see you then at 7:30p because I, mi cielo, am in need. Of you.
He knows how to destroy me.

He likes to do things. Go places. Have fun. Hang out with our friends. That’s a whole new world for me.
I have now a whole new world for me.
Do you think you can fall in love with me? he is daring like that.
There’s a big possibility was my first answer. I don’t like to give much information.

Tu me puedes querer? Daring and very persistent.
Yo te quiero already mister.

Feeling this good is awfully scary but, for every single minute we have spent in perfection, how can I not be thankful?

It’s been a great start.
It’s been joy.


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