There was a dark lonely road, surrounded by forest… a salty smell in thick air close to the sea.
An open sunroof.
A shot topped with whip-cream and bottles Bacardi-O’s.
Longing of the old, sad longing.
There was music and a pool table surrounded of people laughing.
The smell of cigarettes and booze in the clothes contrasting with the subtle and calm movements of the waves crashing silently in shore.
There were burgers, cold and horrible tasting soda.
Bags, very tired people and no place to sleep.
Then there were several trips to a reception, and finally a room with an air conditioner unit that actually worked.
Pillow fights and loads of tickles.
A very early morning with scrambled eggs and 3 gallons of juice.
The feeling of vacations mixed with unfounded guilt and more longing.
Beach with it’s constants; sun, warm water, music, people and the very best clown, angel and other fishes swimming around.
Then there was a high rock looking at an open sea, the nicest breeze and a hole in the rock’s wall where the waves crashed, deep, imposing and so beautiful it’s image is much included in pamphlets of “The Enchanted Island”.

Suddenly the day was made, a beautiful place and the laughter of friends and this little chest was filled of hope, freedom, joy, there was that tingly feeling in the pit of the stomach that maybe it’s…worth it.
Life plays around, we are left to move the pieces in our favor.


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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