Usher’s Concert

You probably saw it, but in case you didn’t; THE CONCERT WAS FREAKING AWESOME.
Impressive, shocking, surprising, entertaining … best show I’ve seen performed here in PR so far.

Usher has now all my respect as an entertainer, he performed as a pro. His voice was fresh and strong through all the show and his dancing FLAWLESS.
And no girls, he is not as hot as he looks in TV: he is WAY hotter. The way he “popped” while he teared his shirt made me wanna sex him up, down, sideways and any other way the laws of physics would permit. And he is bigger than he looks, broad back girls, broad shoulders.

I think I was sitting some rows behind his aunt and niece or some other family they had his nose and when the concert was cue to begin they walked right through arena, up to the technicians platform. I saw some of his buddies, and we knew they were his buddies because they were all blinged to death and they were walking with security.

Anyway I need time to let it sink that I was there. At least this time I remember my hands in front of my face while he danced behind them.

I uploaded sample pictures to the blog, from Juanes Concert and this one, I couldn’t edit them to be clearer after the resize (the ones I have are huge) but at least you can see something… go look.
Credit and thanks to Miss Tania for being the photographer of the night.


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