Juanes concert

The new Coliseo de Puerto Rico Jose Miguel Agrelot is simply stunning. It’s not that it’s huge, it’s the beautiful architecture itself. From the parking lot to the entrance we passed 5 different patterns in the floor, all of them accentuated with green super-short lawn that was so fresh we could see the line sections of it.
People were chatting cheerfully while walking towards the doors, looking around it felt like a lot of people, but it didn’t felt crowded at all.

I made an illegal move, I’m such a rebel, I put the camera on one of the pockets of my purse ( I had been carrying it in my jeans, no pockets, don’t ask) when I saw that they were searching people’s clothes more than their purses. As soon as I was in I did my “ja, suckers!” dance.
Then we looked up, far up, and we hold our breath for some seconds. The forms of the ceiling are so cool.

Everyone was going up the stairs so up we went, up until we couldn’t go up anymore. We couldn’t resist anymore and went through the first curtains in front of us. *insert huge gasp here* when we looked down to the stage a wave of vertigo went through my chest followed by an air of excitement, one so close to the other I didn’t knew which was what. My dear Julie hold my arm and whispered my name, and then I waked up “this is definitely not our section Julie, but we are on the right side, look we are sitting here, but, down there”. And we turned around, leaving the impressive sight behind, not before making the note that the upper seats in the sides were definitely worth paying for, for they were relatively close to the stage.

Then we walked the wrong way for almost 5 mins. Until we finally reached our section floor and after riding in the half open elevator with the elevator guy to whom I sent a blessing for having to spend so many hours going up & down pushing buttons and listening to giggling girls.
Across the hall, through the curtains that read 101-102 and down the stairs until we were in our seats. We were so close to the stage I was squeeing and jumping up down in my seat. My dear Julie and I had a conversation that only included the sentences “we have some good chairs”, “I can’t believe we have such good chairs!” and “this are great chairs” for about 10 mins.
Then they turn on the monitors and the stage lights, “Happy Birthday my dear Julie, welcome to the Juanes concert, thanks for everything.” And she got all misty eyed and we knew it was going to be unforgettable.

All the equipment is new, so apart of being so modern and big it’s all shiny and glossy and it makes the heart do a little giddigy when looking at it. Julie immediately went on to her theater mode and recited to me all the equipment names and such, she drooled at the 4 spotlights at the rear end of the ceiling and spent some 30 mins examinating all the elevated halls above our heads, then she declared “I would give everything to work here. I’m dying to work here.” And I knew she had fallen in love with the place. It’s a shame really that her scientific self has taken her away from her passion, with her talent and experience she could be doing some great and big things.

Then we talked. And talked. And talked some more, while all the seats around were getting full, until we reached a point when I realize the emotions were too strong and the energy too strong around me to get my soul to reach that seat and get in the moment. I knew I was there, but I couldn’t get there, it too surreal.

Lights off, spot lights on, Antonio Orozco gets announced. And he comes out and sings and I was surprised he was so good live. And then he talked about Puerto Rico and the Viejo San Juan and how beautiful it was and basically melt our hearts a little before singing a precious song he wrote inspired on the island, I can’t wait till that song hits the radio, it was nifty. After 4 songs he was done and people started stumping the floor and clapping and yelling for Juanes to come out. It took him 15 more mins to get there.

The guitar came to my ears first, and then I saw him jumping on stage and we screamed our lungs out and that went on for 1 hour and half.
The sound was excellent, better than I expected, almost flawless. His voice was perfect, and his stage presence all that an expectator wishes for. He took us from rocking to moody and touched in seconds, the monitors playing different images relating to the songs; Rosario Tijeras killing and then dying, images of war, kids running from fire, old men crying, the moon fading into his face, the video of his daughters sonogram, fire burning and lights and of course, him live.
He only did 4 changes of clothes, 3 of which consisted in taking off one layer of clothing from his full tuxedo. He changed his guitar though about 6 times, all of them too cool to be true.
Ednita Nazario, the diva of divas, sang with him Tu Fotografia (recorded with Nelly Furtado) and hello, Ednita and Juanes on the same stage, I don’t have to say anything else, except that yes, she kissed him on the mouth at the end like she always does and he went red and it was too cute. She said before going that we were the best public in the world, we were so proud.

Como la estan pasando Puerto Rico? Nosotros la estamos pasando de puta madre!”

When he said it was the last song we knew another one was coming but we didn’t expected to get 5 more, so we were ecstatic.

“no tengo suficiente corazon, ni suficiente sangre en el cuerpo para agradecerles este momento.”

He danced and waved the Puerto Rican flag with the Columbian one and then it was really over and we were in a cloud, floating.

So the critics were true, the Juanes concert could easily be the event of the year, and I was lucky and blessed enough to be there.

Cuando el tiempo pasa y nos hacemos viejos nos empieza a parecer
Que pesan mas los daños que los mismos años al final
Por eso yo quiero que mis años pasen junto a ti mi amor eterno
Junto a mi familia, junto a mis amigos y mi voz
Porque nada valgo porque nada tengo si no tengo lo mejor…

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