Home from Vacations

Yay I’m back home! I was here again.

I basically read and wrote for 3 days, which is awesome. Everything was beautiful, as always there, and this time I didn’t had to run from iguanas . It was not a sunny weekend so no fun tanning or anything, it was more like a lot of wet walks. The rain was actually waiting for us to come out to pour. No really, it was. And it was not the normal gradual rain that gives you time to get to a roof. Nah, this rain laughed in our faced out loud and screamed “HA! Silly people, I’m going to soak you as fast as I can, don’t even bother to run from me, I’ll shoot this gigantic water drops that can cover you in one good shot!!” The one time my mom decided she wanted a nice quite walk around it got us at 50 steps from the building and as soon as we got to a roof in the front (soaked from head to toe) it stopped. The only evidence that this rain occurred was our hair dripping quietly and the face of my Kenie who had never run under the rain and was traumatized at the experience of getting wet not from the faucet, but from the skies! He was bewildered.

As this rain didn’t wanted to let us out a lot, I had a lot of time to sit around and watch things, and this is not bad. I am the kind of person that can sit on a bench with a book and just watch kids running and playing, the ducks washing in the pond or just the rain disturbing the surface of the water. I can do that for a couple of hours and be totally content. Of course then I probably want to shake things up and go dance by the beach at the sound of some good regueáton with lots of people laughing around, but that is not the point.

It is funny how that little piece of earth changes us as soon as we step on it. The worries and preoccupations slow down, the priorities change, and everything looks calm and serene. That’s why every time we leave I used to take some minutes to try and capture that feeling and to say a little good bye.

That’s how I can still remember perfectly the night I shut myself in the closet for hours because I was angry at something (my cousin says I didn’t wanted to do gargaras but I doubt it) and no one (from the 14 people there) could get me out. I was about 9 and in case you wonder I could hold the doors from the closet together from the inside using my blanket as a hand protector so even my uncle pulling them apart from the outside didn’t got me to open. I went out because of hunger I think. And we use to sleep all (my cousins and me) in one couch in the floor. And my hair was always straight because the air conditioner dried it that way. And our toes and hands were always pruny because we were on the pool ALL DAY LONG and it always gave us infections in our ears and throat. And I hated the beach but I loved to snorkel there. And my cousin got this nematodes and hooked them with a metal thing and I yelled at him for killing them [little I knew then, he didn’t kill them but divided them, this things can live from pieces of their bodies! They just rebuild what they need on that piece and keep going they are being studied in cancer cure research *breathes*], but I took them out and studied them for hours. And the best place to play was in the rug, that smelled like Fajardo. And I got the bestest tans in history there. And my favorite thing to do was to walk along the malecon in the night talking. I know now that I can’t go back to those times, silly great times of no worries.

Today when we packed I didn’t said good bye. I just got my bag and went out the door never looking back. It’s time now to let the memories live on my mind and not in that room some 2 hours from here. I can’t say good bye, so I’ll be happy with see ya later.

But anywaaaay, I wrote another scene for the end chapter of the story and I’m highly satisfied with it, it was very needed. I think, no, I know that the end chapter doesn’t have the rhythm I used for the rest of the story, it’s more rushed than I like but, this scene ties it up in a neat little knot and I can live with that.

Harry Potter and the Sorcere’s Stone is premiering here in Spanish this Sunday. Talk about LATE!

El mar esta enmariscao and;

I’m out.


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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