Bug; screw you, upside down and sideways

Well, my computer was erased yesterday. Right now it’s as plain as new, I don’t have anything on it, not even office, so I’m using WordPad *groans*. I don’t have pictures, no programs whatsoever, NOTHING. My desktop pic is the fucking green valley that looks like the teletubies are gonna go running through it any minute.

I saved all the work for the magazine, that was already edited, but I lost one of the articles. MY article. I realized yesterday at 4:30am-because at that time the power went out and I was awake by the silence and hotness in my room to be back to sleep at 5:00a – that I saved everything exept MY things…all my written things…lost. And that well, that was an accident… it wouldn’t really piss me off, cause what the heck, it wouldn’t … really….

If it was not for the tiny puny little detail that today, 3 mins ago I connected to the internet for the first time. Good for me you say, Ja, no, not so fucking good… 4 mins later a little screen appears: The system will shut down in [insert counter here]. I erased everything, I lost all my work, I have to spend hours downloading shit to make this decent and the fucking bug (we diagnosticated a worm) was not fixed. *punches desk*

So now, instead of buying a new keyboard – for speed typing – I’m thinking about buying a metal bat…and smash the shit out of this piece of crap!

Wee (I meant wee not well, cause well is boring) being said I will add that I finished minutos started Ciudad de las Bestias and I’m loving it! it’s so good!! *happy dance* I’m thankful of having it since well, you know the computer disaster. I’m getting a haircut tomorrow, cause I need it so bad and basically until I can really solve this computer thing one way or the other (the one being fixing it, the other being using the bat) I will pretend that it has not happened because you know high blood pressure runs in the family and ulcers too, and my health it’s more important than some plastic *mutters something including the words shit and fucking*.

Since my minutes in the internet are counted: K, thanks for the note, I miss chatting too! be good and well, oki.

Nancy, it’s been too long! hope you are ok, muchos saludos!

And everyone, and I mean everyone; I’m still reading all the diaries I usually read (including those that are not on my profile- I was wise enough to save that [about 15 dland users, I think] ), although I may not have time to drop notes as I would want, have a very nice week, always. *waves at y’all*

I’ll be updating normally as long as I can, I won’t let this bug mess with my diary!

Last but not least, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to all your mami’s! May then all be blessed.



I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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