Oh yes I’m back! From outer space …no wait, from the big boat

Vacations are officially over. Darn it. It was good, this week. I’m still a little dizzy and feeling sometimes like I’m moving but it’s alright.

I’m going to be bored out of my mind this 2 weeks cause my BF went to work to St. Kitts. That’s close to St. Thomas. I come from there and he goes!! ONE day before I came!! The nerve!! He told me on Thursday and I was like this | | of throwing the cell phone off board. I know it’s not his fault (well it could be since they asked for people and HE sign himself, but he needs to work and it is a FREE trip so, I don’t blame him since I would do the same thing) but still, it’s … well no fun for me.

I have to say our babies are fine, my Kennie even got some weight on (I wonder what he ate apart from his food… hmm) he was happy to see me but I’ll admit he was not crazy to see me. He gave me kisses and looked at me like “hey mommy there you are!” and 2 minutes later he was all normal like nothing happened. Kids. You raise them and that’s what they do, one week and he forgets I’m the one that takes care of him and buys him everything.

So, bout the cruise.


We went to St. Thomas, Dominica, Barbados & Aruba. They were all very pretty but my favorite ones were St. Thomas and Aruba. In St. Thomas I met Watussi and a story just formed in my head the second I saw him. He is a crazy old dude who is always high and walks around the tourist shops selling his CDs cause he does music. We had a very brief conversation were he said he likes Puerto Ricans and Columbians very much. I wonder why… oh well. The island is very pretty and there’s good shopping. You knew who was in the cruise, they all had boxes full of all alcohol drinks because they were so cheap. Very cheap.

Dominica was pretty and it has a nice rain forest, but well we have the biggest rain forest of USA El Yunque so, it was not that exiting for us. We did walked the island for 4 & ½ hours and we enjoyed it, but it had no other interesting thing to see.

Barbados was cool. I mean I loved the people there (the accent rocks!) and they had this show were they exalt their culture and it was beautiful.

Aruba was all I dreamt of: white sand and clear beaches and more: desert, sweat and expensive beer. It has beautiful sites I liked it. Good sunsets in Aruba.

I liked the food. Loads of food at all times how can you not like it? I though I was not gonna eat, cause well, I don’t eat a lot (I’m usually 98 pounds at 5”6’ so) but I ate. I ate like that was my last week of food ever. One day I ate 5 times, decent meals I’m talking (not counting snacks like ice cream). I had soufflé for the first time in my life and I loved it. I tried duck, it was hard, the meat I mean. So no wonder I gained 3 & ½ pounds and THAT I liked very much too. Although I don’t think I can keep them for a week here but I can try, lets see *receptionist voice* ”Deck 9, Lido”… Nop, not working. Darn it.

What I really hated (and hate is such a strong word) was eating while the table was vibrating and the whole thing was moving. That moving thing ohhh man, I hated it. The first minute it started moving I needed like strong therapy for real. I was muttering the whole time “this too shall pass” my hanging phrase to remember the love of Jesus, cause it was stressing and needed some loving. People on the restaurant thought I was nuts. I know because they were looking at me.

The second day we come out of the restaurant and people are hanging to the walls everywhere we were moving so much. And trying to walk was like being drunk, crazy. I was standing in the middle of this little lobby were we are waiting for the elevator and I say (I though I talking for myself) “this is not fun anymore” in English and this American lady behind me goes “oh yes it is!! I love it! this is the best part!!!” *put a plastic permanent smile here* “it’s like a free ride!!!!!”*clapping* I gave her a “what the fuck???!” look and said “well, it’s not fun anymore when the ride it’s not ending!!”*threatening smile here*. She was too exited, I think maybe she had too much wine and she actually believed it was a ride were you could tumble around a boat and pretend you were dying in a cruise vacation in the middle of the ocean. Jaja. Not funny, I know.

When we woke up in the middle of the sea (I was dreading this day) I though I was going to want to jump of board or something but I sang “just keep swimming, just keep swimming” like Dory and it was not that bad. Well I slept a lot that day but anyway, they do a lot of games and you can see people being really ridiculous and that, when you are in the middle of the sea, can be entertaining.

The night shows were awesome. I loved them. And Manny, the sound technician, was so funny. I sat behind him in all the shows, and sometimes it was funnier to see him singing everyone’s parts and dancing.

The room was great specially because they made it up 2 times a day and it was always clean and nice, and they left mint chocolates that were yummy. The towel animals rocked and I have pictures of all them yes siry. My cabin steward was Nigel. Nice quite guy.

Ok that’s all I got for now. Now I’m off to read diaries and finish some research I need and … well I have a ton of things to update so,


I like comments as much as I like naps. And I LOVE naps.

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